Paula A. Anderson

Pete and Margie Ankeny

Dale and Ruth Bachman

Walter and Jane Barry

C. Suzanne Bates and Tom Mensing

Mr. and Mrs. Judson Bemis, Sr.

Dr. Richard and Kay Bendel

Helen L. Bing

Margaret Blazek and Chuck Bidwell

Marvin and Betty Borman

J.P. Brown

The Burdick Family Charitable Foundation

Dan and Terri Burks

Joanne and Benton Case, Jr.

Diane and Richard Cohen

Dr. Jay N. and Syma C. Cohn

Mr. and Mrs. James Dayton

Judy Driscoll

Jay F. Ecklund

James Egbert and Helen Preddy

Marja Engler

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Fobes, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Fribley

E. C. and Barbara Gage

Katherine and David Galligan

Mr. and Mrs. James Gesell

Doug and Gretchen Gildner

Lynne and Andrew Grossman

Rosalie Heffelfinger Hall

Mr. and Mrs. William Hodder

John Hollern

Michelle and Steven Hoyt

Amy L. Hubbard

W.R. and M.S. Jolitz

Samuel and Sylvia Kaplan Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

David and Elizabeth Kruidenier

Jean and Larry LeJeune

Jeanne and Albert Levin

Dr. John C. and Searcy T. Lillehei

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne H. MacFarlane

Susan Marvin

Patricia McCartin and Paul Luttio

Lee R. Mitau and Karin J. Birkeland

Jane and John Morrison

Ann Marie Norberg

Mrs. Richardson Okie

Janice Carlson Oresman

Victoria E. Pierro

John and Sandra Roe

Thom and Martha Sandberg

Earl S. Sandford and Barbara Flanagan Sanford of The Minneapolis Foundation

R. P. Schlingerman

Nancy and Eric Schned

Gary Richard Schoener and V. Katherine Gray

Stanislaw and Krystyna Skrowaczewski

Mr. and Mrs. Edson Spencer, Jr.

Robin and David Sternberg

Emily Anne Tuttle

Ruth B. Usem

Gloria and Howard Weisskopf

Mrs. Harvey L. Werner

Pamela R. Weston

Michael and Barbara Wigley

Clark J. and Sharon L. Winslow

The Wyss Foundation