Mark Addicks and Clark Vanderbroek

Dr. Rhonda Altom

Gen and Jim Annett

Susan and Lloyd Armstrong

Sara and Justin Barrow

Walter and Jane Barry

Bruce and Mary Bean

Jonathan S. and Lois B. Bishop

Jane Robertson Blanch

Victor Bloomfield and Elsa Shapiro

Tom Boesen

Michael J. Brantl

Donald P. Brewster

Joan and John Brooks

Virley and Forrest Brown

Mr. and Mrs. George Budzynski

Joan and Gary Capen

David and Kathy Carlsen

Darlene J. and Richard P. Carroll Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Blaine John Chaney

Rachelle Dockman Chase

John and Deborah Christakos

Bruce Christensen and Ann Streitz Christensen

Wendy and David Coggins

Rusty and Burt Cohen

Janet and Nicholas Collins

Val and Kathleen Coppo

Gisela and James E. Corbett

Pamela Cornell

Launie and John H. Cousins

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Cowles

Steven Cox and Andrea Edmonson

David and Kitty Crosby

Laura A. and John Crosby

David and Lynne Crowther

Barbara Cummard

Andrew and Carol Currie

Katharine DeShaw and Mark McConnell

Tom and Mary Lou Detwiler

Ann C. Dillon and William H. Lohman

William R. and Janice M. Dircks

Mr. and Mrs. Stan D. Donnelly

Karen M. Doolittle

Harry M. Drake

Joan R. Duddingston

Ann and Nicholas Duff Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

James Eastman and Cynthia Kriha

Miles and Genelle Efron

John F. Eisberg and Susan Kline

Cheryl Fleming

Gerald T. Flom

Leslie and Alain Frécon

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Friedell

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Furst

Mr. and Mrs. James Gabbert

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Gaillard

Lois and Larry Gibson

Arnold and Sylvia Goldman

Linda and Mark Goldstein

Robert and Susan Greenberg

Pat and Tom Grossman

Patricia Hampl and Terence Williams

Philip M. and Margaret S. Harder Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Jed and Emily Harris

Lorraine R. Hart

Helen and William Hartfiel

Pat and Nils Hasselmo

Dr. and Mrs. Brendan Hegarty

Heilicher Foundation

Don and Arlene Helgeson

Katharine L. Heneman

Dale and Linda Herron

Diane and Tony Hofstede

Chris and Jessica Holm

Fran and Arthur Horowitz

Bill and Lee Jaeger

Dr. Manuel and Gloria Jaffe

Dave and Jan Jahnke

Lyle and Corky Johnson

Charles R. and Sally B. Jorgensen

Jane and Jim Kaufman Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Nasser and Yvonne Kazeminy

Lloyd and Karen Kepple

Lorraine Ziegler Kleiner

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kordonowy

Mary and Leo Kottke

Jerry and Susan Larson

Sarah and Jonathan Lebedoff

Joel Lebewitz and Gail Be

Mr. and Mrs. David Lentz

Sandy and Harry Lerner

Peter Leugers

Delores and Sheldon Levin

Marion Levine and Harold Frishberg

Susan E. and Ward B. Lewis

Daniel Lieberman and Suzanne Fenton

Dr. Karen and Dr. Thomas Louis

Peter and Catherine Lupori

Sue and Bill Lurton

Carol and Aaron Mack

Bob and Siri Marshall

Caren and Jeffrey Martin

Chloe Massie

Jane Mauer

Daniel Mayer

Roy and Dorothy Ann Mayeske

Madeline McAlister

Kathleen and Douglas McClure

Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCrea

Patricia and Samuel McCullough

Kathleen McGovern

Mr. and Mrs. Pierce McNally

Mary McQuillen

Eric J. Meester

Joyce Melander-Dayton

Jim and Laura Miles

Eldon and Anne Miller

Susan Miller

Lucy Mitchell

Mary S. Mortada

Amy S. Mulvahill

Joe and Diana Murphy

Judy and John M. Murphy, Jr.

Dena and Alan Naylor

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nickoloff

Ford and Catherine Nicholson

Joann and James Nordlie

Numero-Steinfeldt Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Ogden, Jr.

Dr. Eugenia M. Oole

Victoria and Charles Osborne

Constance S. Otis

Donald Pastor and David Goldstein

Stefan Peterson and Shanti Shah

Richard and Nancy Pflager

Ann and Felix Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Pillsbury, Jr.

Rebecca Planer

Barbara and James Pollack

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Potts

Sheila and James Pratt

K. C. and Thomas M. Racciatti

Jennifer Raeder-Devens and Doug Devens

Mr. and Mrs. Guido R. Rahr, Jr.

Darwin and Geri Reedy

Steven and Diane Reynolds

Robert and Kathleen Ridder

Deborah Roesler

M. Kathryn Ross

Judy Lou Rothenberg

Berneen Rose and Burton Rudolph

Martha Ruddy and Stephen Salyer

Mimi and David Sanders

David Schaal and Pat Taylor

Holly and Ned Scheetz

Lea Babcock Scherer and Jeffrey Scherer

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schmid

Ralph James Schnorr

Florence K. Schoff

The Janice Hope Schonwetter Foundation, Inc.

Leland W. Schubert

Alfred Sedgwick

Janet and Irving Shapiro

Rose Jean Sharpe

Andrew J. Shea

Sieff Family Foundation

Otto and Helen Silha

Dorothy and William Sipkins

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Sipkins

William and Marcelyn Smale

Daniel N. Smith III and Maureen Millea Smith

Laurie A. and Michael L. Snow

Mr. and Mrs. Morton I. Sosland

David and Nancy Speer

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Strang

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Sumner

Donald F. and Virginia H. Swanson

Michael Symeonides

Patrick and Jane Thiele

Dr. Roby and Jane Thompson

Lowell A. Thornber

Carol and Frank Trestman

Carol and Lynn Truesdell

Robert Ulrich and Jill Dahlin

Dr. Allan Valgemae and Robert Harding

Mr. and Mrs. Angus Vaughan

Mary Ann and David Wark

Ann and Dale Warner

Nancy and David Warner

Dennis and Alicemay Watson

Julie and Robert Weber

Suzanne Weil

David J. Weiner

Mary Ruth Weisel

Jean Weiss

Jim and Sue Westerman

Mindy and Steven Wexler

Muriel and Mark Wexler

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. White

Frederick and Eleanor Winston

Lolita Y. and Howard F. Woo

Medora Woods

Dr. Alvin and Sue Zelickson

Larry and Honey Zelle

R.D. Zimmerman and Lars Peterssen

Suzanne and Ted Zorn

Gary Zywotko

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