Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Fund
$150 and above

Richard A. Allison

Kim and Gloria Anderson

Richard Aronson and Bruce Fisher

Martha and Bruce Atwater

John and Diane Breeding

Conley and Marney Brooks

Peggy and Ralph Burnet

Yvonne C. Condell

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Cowles

Sage and John Cowles

David and Vicki Cox

Mr. and Mrs. John Dasburg

Mrs. Julius E. Davis

Mrs. Donald C. Dayton

Judy and Kenneth Dayton

Mary Lee and Wallace C. Dayton

Tom and Mary Lou Detwiler

William R. and Janice M. Dircks

Joe Dowling

Kika Dudiak and Henry Pitot

Christopher Duff

Joan and Ralph Forester

Maryanne Gibson

Mary and Steven Goldstein

Kathleen Grendahl

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard C. Hoeft

Diane and Tony Hofstede

Tom and Patty Holloran

Samuel and Sylvia Kaplan Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Susan Karrasch

Mr. and Mrs. William Kling

Patricia and Samuel McCullough

Velia Melrose

Jim and Laura Miles

Laura and Charles Miller

Marlene and Marshall Miller

Glen and Marilyn Nelson

Cynthia O'Connor and Gabrielle Vlahos

Timothy P. Ojile

Mrs. Richardson Okie

Donald Pastor and David Goldstein

Elizabeth Plouff

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Richey

Andrew and Kathleen Scott

Tom and Pat Scott

Dorothy and William Sipkins

Beverly and Louis Smerling

Mr. and Mrs. Edson Spencer, Jr.

Denise and Gregg Steinhafel

Elaine B. and Walter W. Walker

Susan and Robert Warde

Suzanne Weil

Jo and Howard Weiner

Helen and J. Kimball Whitney

Marvin and Elayne Wolfenson

Anonymous (1)