Individuals and Private Foundations
The Legacy Circle
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Fund
In-Kind Contributors
Matching Gifts
Special-Project Contributors

The Walker Art Center gratefully acknowledges the following government agencies, individuals, private foundations, and corporations for contributing general operating funds between July 1, 1999, and June 30, 2000.

Minnesota State Arts Board, through an appropriation by the Minnesota State Legislature
Institute of Museum and Library Services


Director’s Circle
$25,000 and above

Peggy and Ralph Burnet
Judy and Kenneth Dayton
Mary Lee and Wallace C. Dayton
The McKnight Foundation
Margaret and Angus Wurtele

Major Sustainers

Martha and Bruce Atwater
Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation
Penny and Mike Winton

Major Partners

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Binger
Philip and Maureen Heasley
Jeanne and Richard Levitt
Mr. and Mrs. Whitney MacMillan
William W. and Nadine M. McGuire Family Foundation
Mary and John Pappajohn
John and Lois Rogers
Harriet and Ed Spencer
The Clinton Walker Foundation
  Harriet Walker Henderson
  Elena H. Keating
  Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Walker, Jr.
  John C. Walker

Major Supporters

Ann and Barrie Birks
Art and Anne Collins
Dolly J. Fiterman
Richard Coyle Lilly Foundation
Denise and Gregg Steinhafel
John Taft and Martha McPhee
Adrian Walker


Lesley and Stuart Ackerberg
Sandy and Peter Butler
Ellie and Tom Crosby, Jr.
Mrs. Donald C. Dayton
Martha Dayton and Thomas Nelson
Andrew and Lucia S. Duff
M. Nazie Eftekhari
Jack and Camie Eugster
Berit and Michael Francis
Martha and John Gabbert
B. C. Gamble and P. W. Skogmo Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Mary and Steven Goldstein
N. Bud and Beverly Grossman Foundation
Roger L. Hale and Eleanor L. Hall—Rehael Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Alfred and Ingrid Lenz Harrison
Deborah Hopp
The Hubbard Foundation
Miriam and Erwin Kelen
The Mary Jo and Dick Kovacevich Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Cargill and Donna MacMillan
Linda and Lawrence Perlman
Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation
Christina and Hank Shea
Dick and Claudia Swager
Joanne and Philip Von Blon
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Walker, Jr.
Elaine B. and Walter W. Walker
Jean K. and Richard Walker
Leslie Walker and Walter Burlock
Susan and Rob White
Frances and Frank Wilkinson Foundation


Ed Bazinet
Carol and Judson Bemis, Jr.
Nancy and Larry Bentson
The Boss Foundation
Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation
John and Arlene Dayton
Ruth and Bruce Dayton
Susan and Conrad DeJong
Dellwood Foundation, Inc.
Barbara and Jack Elliott
Beverly and Richard Fink
Mr. and Mrs. Miles Fiterman
David H. and Katherine Walker Griffith
Mary Livingston Griggs and Mary Griggs Burke Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard C. Hoeft
Art and Martha Kaemmer Fund of the HRK Foundation
Katharine L. Kelly and Duncan N. Dayton
Mr. and Mrs. William Kling
Kuhn Family Fund—Josef and Susanne Kuhn of The Minneapolis Foundation
Paul and Kathryn Liska
Leland T. Lynch and Terry Saario Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Reid and Ann MacDonald
Mary and Bob Mersky
Donna and David Miller
Walter F. and Joan Mondale
Dr. Tim J. and Kimberly Montgomery
Glen and Marilyn Nelson
The Oswald Family Foundation
Henphil Pillsbury Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Kathleen S. Roeder
Mr. Stephen and Dr. Judith Shank
Jeff and Helene Slocum
Smaby Family Foundation
The Southways Foundation
Mike and Cammie Sweeney
Dr. Hasso von Falkenhausen
Archie D. and Bertha H. Walker Foundation
Brooks Walker III
Jan and Stephen Watson
Ruth and Jim Weaver
Irene Hixon Whitney Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Marvin and Elayne Wolfenson


Lawrence G. Anderson and Esperanza Guerrero-Anderson
Meg Anderson and David Washburn
Paula A. Anderson
C. Suzanne Bates and Tom D. Mensing
James Ford Bell Foundation
Frank and Muffy Bennett
Sue Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Berman
Herman J. Birnberg
Beth and Bruce Bolander
The Boren Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Carol V. Bossman
Conley and Marney Brooks
Nancy and John Burbidge Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Susan M. and J. R. Cargill II
Gisela and James E. Corbett
Jeanne and Burt Corwin
Sage and John Cowles
David and Vicki Cox
Mrs. Thomas M. Crosby, Sr.
Dave and Merrie Dahlgren
Mr. and Mrs. John Dasburg
Mrs. Julius E. Davis
David and Vanessa Dayton
Edward and Sherry Ann Dayton
James and Megan Dayton
Judson and Elisabeth Dayton
Mary H. Dayton
J. Hap and Geren Fauth
JoAnn and Gary Fink
Barbara L. Forster and Larry H. Hendrickson
Scotty and Peter Gillette
Dean and Marilyn Greenberg
Stanley B. Gregory Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Kathy Halbreich and John Kohring
Betsy and Jule Hannaford
Shelley K. and Steven Holzemer
Mrs. A. D. Hulings
Dr. Robert Jeddeloh
Lucy Rosenberry Jones
Waring Jones
Mr. and Mrs. James Jundt
Joy and Sidney Kaplan
Margee and Bob Kinney
Janie and Orrin Kirschbaum
Stephen Knowles and Nada Sarraf-Knowles
Phillip and Millie Levin
Barbara S. Longfellow
Mark and Kati Lovaas
Robert and Sara Lumpkins
Olga and George Mack
Laura C. MacLennan and Timothy J. Naylor
Roberta Mann Foundation
Don McNeil and Emily Galusha
Frank C. Meyer
Dr. Blaine R. Miller
Marlene and Marshall Miller
Sue and Ken Murray
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Musser
Kate and Stuart Nielsen
Susanne Olin and Edward Anderle
Stephanie and Michael Ott
Tom Owens and Stephanie Prem
Tom Petters
Jennifer Case Phelps and Charles Phelps
Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation
Corinne Pillsbury
Sally and George Pillsbury
David Piper
Michelle and William Pohlad
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Pyle
The Elizabeth C. Quinlan Foundation
Gary and Susan Rappaport
Harvey and Barbara Ratner
Geri and Dar Reedy
James and Heide Reilly
Robyne Robinson
Anne Pierce Rogers
Ruth and Harold Roitenberg
John and Beverly Rollwagen Family Foundation
Barbara and Thomas Ruben
Stuart Sedlacek
Margot Siegel
Thomas and Adine Skoog
Lynne and Howard Stacker
Mary W. Vaughan
Christine and Bryan Walker
Mary and Stephen Watson
Jo and Howard Weiner
Irv and Marge Weiser
Jody Weisman
Ellen and Fred Wells
Helen and J. Kimball Whitney
Kaye and David Willette
The Charles J. Winton, Jr. and Henrietta McDonald Winton Fund
Jim and Allie Wittenberg
Angela E. Woodhouse
Anonymous (2)

Contributing Members

Susan and Lloyd Armstrong
C. Fuller Cowles and Constance Mayeron Cowles
Russell and Marguerite Cowles
Fran Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Dayton
Denny Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Kathy and Mike Dougherty
Carl B. and Charlotte Drake
Mr. and Mrs. W. John Driscoll
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Erickson
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Fobes, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Grundhofer
Lorraine R. Hart
William A. and Andrea Johnstone
Joy and Sidney Kaplan
David and Elizabeth Kruidenier
Constance and Daniel Kunin
Dorothy and Morris G. Levy, Jr.
Lieberman-Okinow Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm A. McCannel
Richard Fuller McCarthy
Susan and Alan S. McDowell
David E. and Katherine Moore Family Foundation
Nadler Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John Nichols
Mrs. Richardson Okie
Lawrence M. and Elizabeth Ann O’Shaughnessy Charitable Income Trust
Harriet and Walter Pratt
Lawrence M. Redmond
John and Sandra Roe
Lucy Rogers and Larry Grant
Doris Rose
Jane Rosemarin and Val Landwehr
Kristine Smith
Gerald W. and Susan E. Timm
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Wyman
Anonymous (1)


Pete and Margie Ankeny
Dale and Ruth Bachman
Mr. and Mrs. Judson Bemis, Sr.
Dr. Richard and Kay Bendel
H. Ronald and Julie Berg
Helen L. Bing
Margaret Blazek and Chuck Bidwell
Marvin and Betty Borman
J. P. Brown
The Burdick Family Charitable Foundation
Dan and Terri Burks
Joanna and Brad Callahan
John and Deborah Christakos
Diane and Richard Cohen
Rusty and Burt Cohen
Dr. Jay N. and Syma C. Cohn
Val and Kathleen Coppo
Judith and Richard Corson
Page and Jay Cowles
Steven Cox and Andrea Edmonson
Andrew and Carol Currie
William and Janice M. Dircks
Judy Driscoll
Jay F. Ecklund
Susan M. Engel
Marja Engler
Leslie and Alain Frécon
Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Fribley
E. C. and Barbara Gage
Katherine and David Galligan
Mr. and Mrs. James Gesell
Doug and Gretchen Gildner
Linda and Mark Goldstein
Lynne and Andrew Grossman
Rosalie Heffelfinger Hall
Sue and Bill Hodder Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Susan and William Hodgson
Diane and Tony Hofstede
John Hollern
W. R. and M. S. Jolitz
Cheryl and Bradley Jones
Samuel and Sylvia Kaplan Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Jerry and Susan Larson
Jean and Larry LeJeune
Dr. John C. and Searcy T. Lillehei
Rick London and Judy Puncochar
Peter and Catherine Lupori
Susan Marvin
Roy and Dorothy Ann Mayeske
Patricia McCartin and Paul Luttio
Donald McNeely Family
Susan D. Miller
Lee R. Mitau and Karin J. Birkeland
Jane and John Morrison
Kathleen K. and Joseph Mucha
Katherine and Kingsley H. Murphy, Jr.
David and Mary Neal
Janice Carlson Oresman
Kandi and Bart Osborn
Victoria and Charles Osborne
K. C. and Thomas M. Racciatti
M. Kathryn Ross
Thom and Martha Sandberg
Holly and Ned Scheetz
R. P. Schlingerman
Nancy and Eric Schned
Gary Richard Schoener and V. Katherine Gray
Leland W. Schubert
Dr. Sidney and Ruth Shapiro
Sieff Family Foundation
Stanislaw and Krystyna Skrowaczewski
Monty D. Smith and Gary Hilbert
Laurie A. and Michael L. Snow
Mr. and Mrs. Edson Spencer, Jr.
Wim Stocks
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Strang
Emily Anne Tuttle
Laurel Ulland
Ruth B. Usem
Mr. and Mrs. Angus Vaughan
Mary Ruth Weisel
Gloria and Howard Weisskopf
Violet M. Werner
Pamela R. Weston
Mindy and Steven Wexler
Jennifer Haskin Will and Jerry Will
Clark J. and Sharon L. Winslow
The Wyss Foundation
Larry and Honey Zelle


Gordon and Mary Aamoth
Mrs. Lauress V. Ackman
Mark Addicks and Clark Vanderbroek
Mr. and Mrs. John Agee
Mary Agnes and Al McQuinn
Dr. Rhonda Altom
Elmer and Eleanor Andersen
Robert and Linda Andrews
Dana Arvig and Sean Benson
Ike and Lori Austin
Rosalyn and Michael Baker
Adolph and Jill Barclift
J. Michael Barone
Sara and Justin Barrow
Walter and Jane Barry
John W. Beecher
Jonathan S. and Lois B. Bishop
Jane Robertson Blanch
Victor Bloomfield and Elsa Shapiro
Tom Boesen
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Borrman
Michael J. Brantl
Donald P. Brewster
Ellen and Jan Breyer
Virley and Forrest Brown
Joan and Gary Capen
David and Kathy Carlsen
Darlene J. and Richard P. Carroll Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Joanne and Benton Case, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Blaine John Chaney
Rachelle Dockman Chase
Sharon and A.W. Clapp III
Steve Clark
Wendy and David Coggins
Bobby and Elliot M. Cohen
Mrs. Diane A. Connor
David and Kitty Crosby
Laura A. and John Crosby
Barbara Cummard
Linda and John Danielson
Katharine DeShaw and Mark McConnell
Tom and Mary Lou Detwiler
Mr. and Mrs. Stan D. Donnelly
Mary and Ernie Dorn
Amy Dragland
Harry M. Drake
Joan R. Duddingston
Ann and Nicholas Duff Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
James Eastman and Cynthia Kriha
Jeanne Eddy and Lee Renz
John F. Eisberg and Susan Kline
David Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Finkelstein
Susan Fisher
Gerald T. Flom
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Frechette
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Friedell
Mr. and Mrs. James Gabbert
N. L. Gault, Jr.
Richard H. Gerdes
Lois and Larry Gibson
Linda Gill and Michael Levitz
Paul Gleich and Elizabeth Sonnier
Dr. and Mrs. Albert J. Greenberg
Kathleen Grendahl
Stephanie Chew Grossman
Stephanie L. Haack
Patricia Hampl and Terence Williams
Philip M. and Margaret S. Harder Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Jed and Emily Harris
Helen and William Hartfiel
Mounira A. Hassan
Pat and Nils Hasselmo
Dr. and Mrs. Brendan Hegarty
Don and Arlene Helgeson
John and Diane Herman
Dale and Linda Herron
William G. Hillsman
Fran and Arthur Horowitz
Leonard and Ann Inskip
Robert and Ann Jackson
Bill and Lee Jaeger
Dr. Manuel and Gloria Jaffe
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin S. Jaffray
Lloyd and Rosalind Johnson
Lyle and Corky Johnson
Jane and Jim Kaufman Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Mary Keating
Cathryn I. Kennedy
Lloyd and Karen Kepple
Lorraine Ziegler Kleiner
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kordonowy
Mary and Leo Kottke
Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Lachowitzer
Arthur W. Larsen and Marcia Cheney
John A. and Karen Larsen
Sarah and Jonathan Lebedoff
Mr. and Mrs. David Lentz
Walter K. Lentz and Susan Nixon
Mr. and Mrs. David Lenzen
Sandy and Harry Lerner
Bridget and Ross Levin
Delores and Sheldon Levin
Jeanne and Albert Levin
Marion Levine and Harold Frishberg
André Lewis and Kathleen McCartin
Susan E. and Ward B. Lewis
Daniel Lieberman and Suzanne Fenton
George and Jean Pendray Logan
Dr. Karen and Dr. Thomas Louis
Paul and Jeanette Lowry
Peggy and David Lucas
Sue and Bill Lurton
Kristine Lubar MacDonald
Carol and Aaron Mack
Bob and Siri Marshall
Caren and Jeffrey Martin
Chloe Massie
Daniel Mayer
Madeline McAlister
Kathleen and Douglas McClure
Patricia and Samuel McCullough
Carla McGrath and Cole Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Pierce McNally
McNeely Foundation
Eric J. Meester
Joyce Melander-Dayton
Lucy C. Mitchell
Mary S. Mortada
Amy S. Mulvahill
Joe and Diana Murphy
Judy and John M. Murphy, Jr.
Victoria Nahrung
Dena and Alan Naylor
Gordon and Beverly Nelson
Chuck and Judy Neufeld
Ford and Catherine Nicholson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nickoloff
Elizabeth and Charles Nolan
Numero-Steinfeldt Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Ogden, Jr.
Dr. Eugenia M. Oole
Constance S. Otis
Donald Pastor and David Goldstein
Cathryn and Michael Peel
Michael Peterman and David Wilson
Stefan Peterson and Shanti Shah
Richard and Nancy Pflager
Ann and Felix Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Pillsbury, Jr.
Rebecca Planer
Laura Platt
Sally Boyd Polk Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Alan Polsky
Sheila Pratt
Charles Quimby and Susan Cushman
Jennifer Raeder-Devens and Doug Devens
Robert and Kathleen Ridder
Ruth Roberts
Barbara and Winthrop Rockwell
Deborah Roesler
Dr. Hanan J. Rosenstein and Dr. Richard Alberta
Judy Lou Rothenberg
Martha Ruddy and Stephen Salyer
Mimi and David Sanders
Earl S. Sanford and Barbara Flanagan Sanford of The Minneapolis Foundation
Julie Schaper
Ralph S. Schneider and Margaret McNeil
Florence K. Schoff
The Janice Hope Schonwetter Foundation, Inc.
Alfred Sedgwick
Saul and Beth Ann Segal
Donald W. Selzer, Jr. and Katherine Jade Conover
Laura and Mike Shannon
Janet and Irving Shapiro
Rose Jean Sharpe
The Catherine K. Sheehan Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Shepherd
Stephen Sigmond and Jennifer Goloboy
Steven and Lynette Sikora
Otto and Helen Silha
Teri and Paul Singer
Dorothy and William Sipkins
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Sipkins
William and Marcelyn Smale
Daniel N. Smith III and Maureen Millea Smith
Dennis and Barbara Smith
Laurie A. and Michael L. Snow
Sharon and Phil Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Morton I. Sosland
Nancy Speer
Robin and David Sternberg
Christopher Stevens and Jennifer Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Sumner
Donald F. and Virginia H. Swanson
Michael Symeonides
Dr. Roby and Jane Thompson
Lowell A. Thornber
Carol and Frank Trestman
Jane Trosdahl
Carol and Lynn Truesdell
Robert Ulrich and Jill Dahlin
Dr. Allan Valgemae and Robert Harding
Sally Walker
Mary Ann and David Wark
Ann and Dale Warner
Nancy and David Warner
Dennis and Alicemay Watson
Suzanne Weil
Jean Weiss
Jim and Sue Westerman
Muriel and Mark Wexler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. White
Warren D. Woessner and Iris Freeman
Lolita Y. and Howard F. Woo
Medora Woods
Roger Worm
Dr. Alvin and Sue Zelickson
R. D. Zimmerman and Lars Peterssen
Suzanne and Ted Zorn
Anonymous (2)

Individuals and Private Foundations
The Legacy Circle
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Fund
In-Kind Contributors
Matching Gifts
Special-Project Contributors

Planned gifts secure the Walker Art Center for future generations.

In September 1991, the Board of the Walker Art Center established the Legacy Circle to honor and recognize those donors who have remembered the museum in their wills and financial plans. Since its founding, the Legacy Circle has received generous and heartening support from dedicated friends who have recognized the need to ensure access to the Walker for future generations.

We encourage you to join with the Legacy Circle members listed below in securing the financial foundation of the Walker for years to come. Christopher Stevens will be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding the Legacy Circle and planned gifts to the museum. For more information, call 612.375.7654.

The Walker Art Center gratefully acknowledges the ongoing generosity and sustaining support of the Legacy Circle:

Martha and Bruce Atwater
Mike and Roz Baker
Peggy and Ralph Burnet
Mrs. Julius E. Davis
Kenneth and Judy Dayton
Mary H. Dayton
Denise M. Engebretson
Shirley and Miles Fiterman
Erwin and Miriam Kelen
Barbara S. Longfellow
Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm A. McCannel
William W. and Nadine M. McGuire
Richardson* and Susan Okie
Dr. and Mrs. Stacy Roback
Lucy Rogers and Larry Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond R. Ruben*
Berneen Rose Rudolph
William Boss Sandberg
Art and Nancy Schwalm
Edward O. Swanson*
Bruce Vinokour
Joanne and Philip Von Blon
Billy and Jody Weisman
Steven and Mindy Wexler
Margaret and Angus Wurtele
Anonymous (3)

Memorial Gifts
Executive Women International, Minneapolis Chapter, in memory of Sheila Mayer’s father
Suzanne Weil in memory of Stan Stepan

Honorary Gifts
Rosemary and Marvin Fish in honor of Susan and Rob White’s new home
Miriam and Erwin Kelen in honor of Roger Hale and Nor Hall’s 10th wedding anniversary
Jody Weisman in honor of Frank Wilkinson’s birthday

Individuals and Private Foundations
The Legacy Circle
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Fund
In-Kind Contributors
Matching Gifts
Special-Project Contributors


$150 and above

Richard A. Allison
Cynthia and Woodbury Andrews
Martha and Bruce Atwater
Dale and Ruth Bachman
Conley and Marney Brooks
Page and Jay Cowles
Sage and John Cowles
Barbara Cummard
Mrs. Julius E. Davis
Judy and Kenneth Dayton
Mary Lee and Wallace C. Dayton
Tom and Mary Lou Detwiler
Henry Doerr
Christopher Duff and Mark Westman
M. Nazie Eftekhari
Clayton Engel
Joan and Ralph Forester
Dr. Leo T. Furcht and Linda Renk
Mr. and Mrs. James Gesell
Maryanne Gibson
Mary and Steven Goldstein
David and Anne Graham
Dave Gutzke and Jeanette Colby
Roger Hale and Eleanor Hall
Susan Karrasch
Jeanne and Richard Levitt
Barbara S. Longfellow
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan MacMillan
Kathleen and Douglas McClure
Don McNeil and Emily Galusha
Julie and Thomas Micheletti
Marlene and Marshall Miller
Walter F. and Joan Mondale
Dr. Tim J. and Kimberly Montgomery
Sandy and Bob Morris
Katherine and Kingsley H. Murphy, Jr.
Timothy P. Ojile
Mrs. Richardson Okie
Mary and John Pappajohn
Donald Pastor and David Goldstein
K. Jonathan Peterson
Geri and Dar Reedy
Earl S. Sanford and Barbara Flanagan Sanford
Andrew and Kathleen Scott
Harriet and Ed Spencer
Wim Stocks
Milo and Audrey Thompson
Karen Viskochil
Elaine B. and Walter W. Walker
Jean K. and Richard Walker
Sally Walker
Susan and Robert Warde
Frances and Frank Wilkinson
Marvin and Elayne Wolfenson
Anonymous (1)

Individuals and Private Foundations
The Legacy Circle
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Fund
In-Kind Contributors
Matching Gifts
Special-Project Contributors


$50,000 and above

American Express Minnesota Philanthropic Program
Coldwell Banker Burnet
General Mills Foundation
Honeywell International
Target Foundation on behalf of Target Stores, Dayton’s, and Mervyn’s California

Major sustainers

Star Tribune Foundation
The St. Paul Companies, Inc.
U.S. Bank


Deluxe Corporation Foundation
Faegre & Benson
Xcel Energy
Wells Fargo Foundation Minnesota
The Pentair Foundation
UnitedHealth Foundation
The Valspar Foundation


ADC Foundation
Alliance Capital Limited
Allianz Life USA
Bemis Company Foundation
Dain Rauscher Foundation
Driehaus Capital Management, Inc.
G & K Services, Inc.
Hilliard & Olander Ltd.
Peregrine Capital Management, Inc.
Scudder Kemper Investments, Inc.
TCF National Bank
Tennant Company Foundation
U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray Foundation on behalf of U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray


Border’s Books
Ernst & Young
Glenwood Financial Group
Leonard, Street and Deinard P. A.
National City Bank Foundation
National Computer Systems


Alliance Capital Management Corporation
Anchor Bank
Barrett Moving & Storage Company
Champion International Corporation
Deloitte & Touche
The Dorsey & Whitney Foundation
Faribault Foods, Inc.
First American Asset Management
Floyd Total Security
Frederick Bentz/Milo Thompson/Robert Rietow, Inc.
The Fredrikson & Byron Foundation on behalf of Fredrikson & Byron, P. A.
Goldberg Bonding
Gray Plant Mooty Foundation
Hammel Green and Abrahamson, Inc.
Horton Manufacturing Company, Inc.
International Dairy Queen
Kraus-Anderson® Companies, Inc.
Mackay Envelope Corporation
Malt-O-Meal Company
Marsh USA, Inc.
Mayo Clinic
The Minnesota Mutual Foundation
Premier Bank
The Resource Companies
Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi LLP
Rosemount Inc.
SCIMED Life Systems, Inc.
Sit Investment Associates Foundation
Tunheim Group
Unison, Inc.
West Group
Witcher Construction Co.
Zelle, Hofmann, Voelbel & Gette LLP
Ziegler Inc.


Apres Party & Tent Rentals
Architectural Alliance
Bachman’s, Inc.
Century Bank N.A.
Federated Insurance Foundation
Grant Thornton LLP
Harris Companies
H. B. Fuller Company Foundation
The John Roberts Co.
L. J. Melody & Company
Marigold Foods
Michaud, Cooley, Erickson & Associates
MSI Insurance Companies
Pro Staff Personnel Services
RSP Architects, Ltd.
Rupp Industries, Inc.
Setter, Leach & Lindstrom, Inc.
Torrini Plastering Co., Inc.
Twin City Fan Companies, Ltd. by Melanie & Chuck Barry
Wenger Foundation
Zamansky Professional Association


Action Plastics, Inc.
Anchor Paper Co.
Apogee Enterprises, Inc.
Art in Bloom
Berger Transfer & Storage, Inc.
Bertelson Bros. Inc.
Boker’s, Inc.
Bozell Kamstra
Brin Northwestern Glass Company
Brock-White Company
The Clifton Group
Community Credit Company
Culligan Water Conditioning—Minnetonka
Damon Farber & Associates
Dick Blick Art Materials
Dillon Advertising and Public Relations
Ecowater Systems
Elness, Swenson, Graham Architects
Gunkelmans Interior Design
Hawkins Chemical, Inc.
Hiawatha Reddy Rents
Kerker Marketing Communications
Lee Products Company
Lurie, Besikof, Lapidus & Co., LLP Charitable Foundation
Marcom Direct
Mautz Paint Foundation
Meyer, Borgman & Johnson, Inc.
Meyers Printing Company
Michael Foods, Inc.
Midwest of Cannon Falls, Inc.
Minnesota Conway Fire & Safety, Inc.
National Checking Company, Inc.
Novartis Seeds, Inc.
Old Republic National Title Insurance Company
Padilla, Speer, Beardsley, Inc.
Rocket Crane Service, Inc.
Sam Miller Foundation
Short-Elliott-Hendrickson, Inc.
Smith Foundry Company
Southwest Journal
Total Tool Supply, Inc.
The Trane Company
The Walman Optical Company
Weinstein Gallery

Individuals and Private Foundations
The Legacy Circle
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Fund
In-Kind Contributors
Matching Gifts
Special-Project Contributors

The Walker Art Center gratefully acknowledges the following corporations, businesses, and professional associations for making in-kind contributions of $250 or more during fiscal year 1999–2000.

Acoustics Associates
Agiliti, Inc.
Banner Creations
Bertelson Office Plus
Ron Brant
City Pages
Common Sense Building Services, Inc.
ConAgra, Inc.
Crosstown Sweeping Corp.
Electric Component Sales
Ernst & Young
Executone Communication Systems, Inc.
Kraus-Anderson® Construction Company
Larsen Design + Interactive
La Toscana Ristorante
Leef Services
Manny’s Steakhouse
Micro Modeling Associates
Minneapolis Floral
Minnesota Monthly
MSP Communications
M. S. Pen
Northwestern Travel on behalf of:
  Northwestern Travel Management
  Mainline Cruise & Travel
  Northwestern Incentive Services
  Dayton’s Travel Service
McLeod Communications, Inc.
Rasco Industries, Inc.
Ristorante Luci
Rotor Design
Star Tribune
Tate Access Floors
The Travel Company of Minnesota, LLC
Twin Cities Business Monthly
Valley Recreation Products Inc.
Zone 105

Individuals and Private Foundations
The Legacy Circle
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Fund
In-Kind Contributors
Matching Gifts
Special-Project Contributors

Allianz Life Insurance of North America
American Express Foundation
AT&T Foundation
BMC Foundation
Champion International Corporation
Dain Rauscher Foundation
Deluxe Corporation Foundation
Emerson Electric Co.
General Mills Foundation
Honeywell Foundation
IBM International Foundation
Lutheran Brotherhood
Microsoft Corporation
Pfizer Foundation
The Prudential Foundation
Residential Funding Corporation
Ryan Companies US, Inc.
Star Tribune Foundation
The St. Paul Companies, Inc.
TCF National Bank Minnesota
Tennant Company Foundation
Times Mirror Foundation
UFE Incorporated
U.S. Bancorp Foundation
US WEST Foundation
West Group

Individuals and Private Foundations
The Legacy Circle
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Fund
In-Kind Contributors
Matching Gifts
Special-Project Contributors

The Walker Art Center gratefully acknowledges the following donors for restricted gifts made in support of programs between July 1, 1999, and June 30, 2000.

Art Acquisitions
$25,000 and above

Betlach Family Foundation

Rosina Lee Yue and Bert A. Lies, Jr.

$25,000 and above

Andersen Corporation
Ann and Barrie Birks
The Broad Art Foundation
Coldwell Banker Burnet
Dayton’s Project Imagine
Dedalus Foundation, Inc.
Gary and JoAnn Fink
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Ann M. Hatch
Honeywell Foundation
Lannan Foundation
Mrs. Estée Lauder Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund
Jeanne and Richard Levitt
Norwest Bank Minnesota
Pitti Immagine
The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
Joanne and Philip Von Blon

Alliance Capital Management Corporation
Asian Cultural Council
Astrup Fearnley Museet for Modern Kunst
Betlach Family Foundation
Peggy and Ralph Burnet
The Douglas S. Cramer Foundation
Étant donnés, The French-American Fund for Contemporary Art
Richard Florsheim Art Fund
Alfred and Ingrid Lenz Harrison
Herman Miller, Inc.
Jerome Foundation
Room & Board
The British Council
PRO HELVETIA Arts Council of Switzerland
John and Beverly Rollwagen

Paule Anglim
Rene and Veronica di Rosa Foundation
Paula Kirkeby
Michael Kohn
Curt Marcus
Mondriaan Foundation Amsterdam for the advancement of the visual arts, design, and museums

Education and Community Programs
$25,000 and above

William and Nadine McGuire
Surdna Foundation
Target Stores

Blandin Foundation
Honeywell Foundation
Vera List
The Medtronic Foundation

Best Buy Children’s Foundation
Jerome Foundation
Dick and Claudia Swager

$25,000 and above

The Bentson Family Fund for the Acquisition, Conservation, and Presentation of Film
Regis Foundation

Anonymous (1)
Basilica of Saint Mary
Best Buy
Minnesota Women’s Foundation
Old Navy

Canadian Consulate General
Minnesota Film Board
Plymouth Congregational Church
St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral

John Cowles Family Trust
Abby Grey Fellowship Trust

Interdisciplinary Programs
$25,000 and above

The Bush Foundation
Lila Wallace-Reader’s Digest Fund
The Pew Charitable Trusts

New Media Initiatives
$25,000 and above

Dayton’s Project Imagine
Jerome Foundation
MCI WorldCom
The McKnight Foundation
Minnesota Department of Children, Families, and Learning, through an appropriation by the Minnesota State Legislature
Vance Opperman

Performing Arts
$25,000 and above

AT&T Foundation
Target Foundation on behalf of Target Stores, Dayton’s, and Mervyn’s California
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
The McKnight Foundation
Meet the Composer
National Endowment for the Arts

The New England Foundation for the Arts’ National Dance Project
Onsite Performance Network, a program of Dancing in the Streets
Powderhorn/Central Community Collaborative

Best Buy
The British Council
Heartland Fund
National Performance Network
Old Navy

Gertrude Lippincott Fund

Walker After Hours
$25,000 and above

Dayton’s Project Imagine
U.S. Bancorp
U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray

The Musicland Group, Inc. on behalf of Sam Goody and Suncoast Motion Picture Company

GQ Magazine

$25,000 and above

Institute of Museum and Library Services
Ellsworth Kelly Foundation
Save America’s Treasures Historic Preservation Fund

Library & Archives

Archie D. and Bertha H. Walker Foundation
National Endowment for the Humanities

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Commission
$25,000 and above

Department 56, Inc. in honor of its founder, Edward R. Bazinet