Staff, Volunteers, Community Partners & Advisors


Directorís Office
Kathy Halbreich, Director
Richard Flood, Chief Curator
Michelle Klein, Assistant to the Director
Howard Oransky, Director, Program Planning

Ann Bitter, Administrative Director
Joann Eichten, Administrator
Mary Polta, Finance Director
Tim Schultz, Accounting Manager
Lisa Bennett, Accountant
Christine Niemi, Accounting Assistant
Jennifer Raymond, Accounting Assistant
Gary White, Director, Human Resources
Linda McElmurry, Human Resources Administrator
Angela Lackey, Office Clerk
John Lied, Building Operations Manager
Brian Hassett, Information Services Manager
Larry Stowes, Assistant Building Engineer
Surujny Kotila, Operations Supervisor
John Lindell, Building Scheduler
Aaron Barnell, Artist Residency Assistant
Michelle Layland, Mailroom Services Coordinator
John Thomas, Maintenance Assistant
Randy Durbin, Night Operations Coordinator
James Campbell, Chief Guard
Jeff Hankemeier, Night Control Operator
Jeff Morrison, Night Control Operator
Steven Jensen, Chief Guard
James Pomplun, Guard

Andrew Blauvelt, Design Director
Lisa Middag, Design Studio and Publications Manager
Chad Kloepfer, Senior Graphic Designer
Alex DeArmond, Graphic Designer
David Naj, Design Production Specialist
Kathleen McLean, Editor
Pamela Johnson, Associate Editor
Chae Lee, Design Intern
Kyle Blue, Design Intern

Development & Membership
Christopher Stevens, Development Director
Kathryn Ross, Director, Special Projects Fund-raising
Sarah Sargent, Development Associate, Institutional Gifts
Aaron Mack, Special Projects Coordinator
Mary (Nellie) Sylwester, Capital Campaign Assistant
Sara Järvinen, Development Associate, Individual Giving
C. Scott Winter, Director, Membership and Visitor Services
Aaron Szopinski, Membership Associate
Masami Kawazato, Membership Benefits Coordinator
David Hodges, Visitor Services Manager
Jeffrey Hnilicka, Visitor Services Specialist
Sarah Sexton, Visitor Services Specialist
Carrie Robbins, Visitor Services Specialist
Brett Smith, Visitor Services Specialist
Roxane Wallace, Visitor Services Staff
Michael Berman, Visitor Services Staff
Dinita Rufus, Visitor Services Staff
Marcus Schmidt, Visitor Services Staff
Lee Huber, Visitor Services Staff
Alison Gerber, Visitor Services Staff
Lindsay Smedstad, Visitor Services Staff

Education & Community Programs
Sarah Schultz, Director
Alicia Patrick, Education Technology Specialist
Susan Rotilie, Associate Director, School, Tour, and Family Programs
Lara Roy, Program Manager, Tour Programs
Jennifer Kennedy-Logan, Program Manager, Family Programs
Susan Weir, Tour Scheduler
Ilene Mojsilov, Art Lab Coordinator
Kiyoko Motoyama Sims, Associate Director,Community Programs
Reginald Prim, Community Programs Coordinator
Megan Leafblad, Community Programs Project Assistant
Meredith Walters, Assistant Director, Public and Interpretive Programs
Sarah Peters, Public Programs Coordinator
Christine Atkinson, Assistant Director, Teen Programs
Witter Siasoco, Teen Programs Coordinator
Rachel Thompson, Department Assistant

Sheryl Mousley, Associate Curator
Dean Otto, Assistant Curator
Daniel Smith, Collection Researcher

Rosemary Furtak, Librarian
Martha Ruddy, Assistant Librarian
Jill Vetter, Archivist
Stephanie Kays, Slide Librarian
Troy Williams, Scanning Technician

New Media Initiatives
Steve Dietz, Curator, New Media
Robin Dowden, Director
Joe Slag, Webmaster/Administrator
Eric Williams, New Media Designer
Brent Gustafson, New Media Designer
Diane Anderson, New Media Coordinator
Barbara Economon, Digital Media Technician

Performing Arts
Philip Bither, Curator
Julie Voigt, Program Administrator
Douglas Benidt, Program Manager
Leigha Horton, Department Assistant
Diana Kim, Project Coordinator

Program Services
Cameron Zebrun, Manager
David Dick, Supervisor, Carpentry Shop
Robert Brown, Carpenter
Phillip Docken, Exhibition Maintenance Technician
Kirk McCall, Drafter
Mark Vogt, Construction/MSG Installation Supervisor
Eleanor Savage, Events Production Manager/Digital Video Editor
Maury Jensen, Events Technical Director/Sound Engineer
Larry Chapin, Events Technical Director/Lighting Supervisor
Christian Gaylord, Events Technician
Jesse Cramer, Events Technician
Joseph Beres, Events Projectionist
Michael TíKach, Videographer
Peter Murphy, Media Specialist
John Bull, Media Technician
Jon Voils, Frame Shop Supervisor
Randy Reeves, Conservation Framer/Lighting Designer
Glenn Halvorson, Photographer/Permanent Collection
Cameron Wittig, Photographer/Walker Programs
Patricia Monick, Department Assistant

Public Relations and Marketing
Margaret Patridge, Director
Karen Gysin, Associate Director, Public Relations
Adrienne Wiseman, Associate Director, Marketing and Research
Paul Schmelzer, Associate Director, Marketing
Blythe Staley, Marketing Coordinator
Reid Selisker, Public Relations Coordinator

Gwen Bitz, Registrar
Elizabeth Peck, Associate Registrar
Joseph King, Associate Registrar
Heather Scanlan, Assistant Registrar
David Bartley, Senior Registration Technician
Evan Reiter, Registration Technician
Kevin Kolleth, Sculpture Garden/Exhibition Technician
Ann Gale, Registration Assistant/Rights and Reproductions

Visual Arts
Philippe Vergne, Curator
Joan Rothfuss, Curator, Permanent Collection
Siri Engberg, Associate Curator
Douglas Fogle, Associate Curator
Olukemi Ilesanmi, Curatorial Assistant
Elizabeth Carpenter, Curatorial Assistant
Lynn Dierks, Administrative Assistant
Kathleen Dowling, Administrative Assistant
Claire Tancons, Curatorial Intern for Diversity in the Arts
Alisa Eimen, Curatorial Intern

Walker Art Center Shop
Nancy Gross, Director of Merchandising
Paul Schumacher, Book Buyer
Joanne Aldrich, Accounting Assistant
Susanne Dierks, Jewelry Specialist
Zachary Herbst, Shipping/Receiving Clerk
Melissa Rivas, Retail Operations Manager
Kristen Charette, Sales Manager
Ann Norberg, Sales Associate
Zachary Writer, Sales Associate
Nathaniel Cuellar, Sales Associate
Joseph Schlefke, Sales Associate
Kurt Fredericksen, Sales Associate