$5,000,000 and above
Martha and Bruce Atwater
Judy and Kenneth Dayton
Nadine and Bill McGuire
Target Corporation
Penny and Mike Winton
Margaret and Angus Wurtele

Edward R. Bazinet
Peggy and Ralph Burnet
Jeanne and Richard Levitt

Best Buy Children's Foundation
Sage and John Cowles
Ruth and Bruce Dayton
General Mills Foundation
N. Bud and Beverly Grossman
Nor Hall and Roger Hale
Alfred and Ingrid Lenz Harrison
Ann M. Hatch
Miriam and Erwin Kelen
The Kresge Foundation
The McKnight Foundation The Medtronic Foundation
Linda and Lawrence Perlman
Thomas J. Petters
Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family
Harriet and Edson Spencer
Star Tribune Foundation
U.S. Bancorp Foundation
The Wallace Foundation

Ann and Barrie Birks
Anne and Art Collins
Dolly J. Fiterman
Karen and Ken Heithoff
Barbara S. Longfellow
Cargill and Donna MacMillan
Mary and John Pappajohn
Regis Foundation

Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation
Ellie and Tom Crosby, Jr.
Arlene and John Dayton
Mary Lee Dayton
Martha and John Gabbert
Martha and Art Kaemmer Fund
     of the HRK Foundation
Constance and Daniel Kunin
Ted and Roberta Mann Foundation
     and Blythe Brenden
The Martin Foundation
Mary and Bob Mersky
RBC Dain Rauscher Foundation
Mary W. Vaughan Fund of The
     Minneapolis Foundation
Joanne and Phil Von Blon
Jan and Steve Watson
Weiser Family Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation Minnesota

Allianz Life Insurance Company of
     North America
Bayport Foundation of the
     Andersen Corporation
Carol and Judson Bemis, Jr.
Conley and Marney Brooks
Sandra and Peter Butler
David and Vicki Cox Fund of
      The Minneapolis Foundation
Joan and Bob Dayton
Sherry Ann and Edward Dayton
Dellwood Foundation
Lisa and Pat Denzer
The Dorsey & Whitney Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. W. John Driscoll
Lucia S. and Andrew Duff
M. Nazie Eftekhari
Jack and Camie Eugster
Faegre & Benson Foundation
Matthew O. and Lisa Fitzmaurice
Berit and Michael Francis
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
The Hearst Foundation
Ruth and John Huss
James A. Johnson and Maxine
     Isaacs in honor of Judy Dayton
Mary Jo and Dick Kovacevich
Whitney and Elizabeth MacMillan
John Taft and Martha McPhee
Donna Miller
The Musicland Group, Inc.
Cathryn and Michael Peel
Michael J. Peterman and
     David A. Wilson
Kate Butler Peterson
Phileona Foundation
Piper Jaffray & Co.
Rebecca C. and Robert Pohlad
Gary and Susan Rappaport
Elizabeth and Andrew Redleaf
John and Sandra Roe
Anne Pierce Rogers
Lois A. and John E. Rogers
Ruth and Harold Roitenberg
Dr. Judith and Mr. Stephen Shank
Agnes Gund and Daniel Shapiro
Southways Foundation
The St. Paul Travelers Foundation
SUPERVALU Foundation
Cammie and Mike Sweeney
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Bob Ulrich and Jill Dahlin
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Walker, Jr.
Jo and Howard Weiner
Susan and Robert White
Frances and Frank Wilkinson
Anonymous (2)

Lawrence G. Anderson and
     Esperanza Guerrero-Anderson
Elizabeth Andrus
John E. Andrus III
Mrs. Judson Bemis, Sr.
Joan and Gary Capen
Carolyn Foundation
Joanne and Benton Case, Jr.
Ella P. Crosby
Kate Kelly and Duncan Dayton
Martha Dayton and Tom Nelson
Megan and James Dayton
Vanessa and David Dayton
Harry M. Drake
Barbara and Jack Elliott
Gerald and Kathleen Erickson
Richard and Beverly Fink Family
The Aaron I. Fleischman
Mary Livingston Griggs and Mary
     Griggs Burke Foundation
Kathy Halbreich
Betsy and Jule Hannaford
Philip and Maureen Heasley
Barbara L. Forster and Lawrence H.
Deborah Hopp
Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation
Lucy Rosenberry Jones
Eloise and Elliot Kaplan
Samuel and Sylvia Kaplan Fund of
     The Minneapolis Foundation
Sarah and William Kling
Elizabeth and David Kruidenier
R. C. Lilly Foundation
Sarah and B. John Lindahl, Jr.
Lipkin Family Fund of The
     Minneapolis Foundation
Leland T. Lynch and Terry Saario
     Fund of The Minneapolis
Reid and Ann MacDonald
Mary and David Moffett
Joan and Walter Mondale
Kimberly and Tim Montgomery
Marilyn and Keith Moyer
Katherine and Kingsley H.
     Murphy, Jr.
Edward and Leslye Phillips Family
Harriet and Walter Pratt
The Racciatti Family Fund
Paul and Mary Reyelts Fund of The
     Minneapolis Foundation
Robins, Kaplan, Miller, & Ciresi LLP
Edward W. Rose III Family Fund of
     the Dallas Foundation in honor
     of Roger Hale
Securian Foundation, supported by
     Securian Financial Group and
     its affiliates, Minnesota Life,
     Advantus Capital Management,
     and Securian Trust
Anne Larsen Simonson/Larsen
Valerie and Ed Spencer
Denise and Gregg Steinhafel
William and Lee Strang Fund of
     The Minneapolis Foundation
Sheldon and Ellen Sturgis
Tennant Foundation
The Toro Giving Program
Carol and Frank Trestman
Emily Anne and Gedney Tuttle
Clara Ueland and Walter McCarthy
     in honor of Rolf Ueland
US Trust
Valspar Foundation
Adrian Walker
Brooks Walker III
Elaine B. Walker in memory of
     Walter W. Walker
John C. Walker
Leslie Walker and Walker Burlock
T. B. Walker Foundation
William E. Weisman
Mindy and Steven Wexler
The Whitney Foundation
Barbara and Michael Wigley
Winton-Whitney Fund
Allie and Jim Wittenberg

Darren Acheson
Ben Aguilar and Jerry Erickson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Barrows
Ellen and Michael Bendel-Stenzel
E. Thomas Binger and Rebecca
Diane and Bruce Birkeland
Herman J. Birnberg
Jonathan and Lois Bishop
Jane Robertson Blanch
Marvin and Betty Borman
Gregory Allen Bullard
Debbie and John Christakos
Christin Cleaver
Wendy and David Coggins
Jeanne and Burt Corwin
Page and Jay Cowles
John Cullen and Joseph Gibbons
Andrew C. Currie
Fran Davis
Mrs. Julius E. Davis
Julie Corty and Richard Erickson
Ernst & Young LLP
Mr. and Mrs. James Gesell
Scotty and Peter Gillette
Paul and Margot Grangaard
Gray Plant Mooty Foundation
Deanne and John Greco
Marilyn and Dean Greenberg
Bert M. and Susan Hill Gross
Jerry and Kathleen Grundhofer
Betty Halbreich
Nina Hale
Rosalie Heffelfinger Hall Fund of
     The Minneapolis Foundation
Philip M. and Margaret S. Harder
Bruce and Sharon Hendry
John and Diane Herman
Jefferson Wells International, Inc.
Joey and Mark Kartarik
Chelle Stoner and Warren Kelly
Amy and Mitch Kern
E. Robert and Margaret V. Kinney
     Fund of The Minneapolis
Susan Marvin and William Kleckner
Chuck and Jill Koosmann
Anita Kunin
Judy Lebedoff and Lisa Peilen
Sarah and Jonathan Lebedoff
Harry and Sandy Lerner
Rosina Lee Yue and Burt Lies
Ginny and Henry Llop
Jean Walker Lowell
Julie and Andrew Mackenzie
Bob and Siri Marshall
McKay Family Fund of The
     Minneapolis Foundation
Donald McNeil and Emily Galusha
C. Suzanne Bates and Thomas
Meyer Sound
Tom Meyer and Martha Meyer-
     Von Blon
Jim and Laura Miles
Carolyn Bisson and Richard R.
Jocelyn Hale and Glenn Miller
Lucy and Robert Mitchell
Jack and Chris Morrison
Win and Christie Neuger
Joan and John Nolan
Thomas Paul and Robert Lenz
Peregrine Capital Management,
     Inc. Fund of The Minneapolis
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Pillsbury, Jr.
Piper Family Fund of The
     Minneapolis Foundation
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Harvey and Barbara Ratner
Connie and Lewis Remele
Peter and Annie Remes
Ruth Roberts
Robyne Robinson
Rockler Jackson Family Foundation
Binky Wood Rockwell and Win
Beverly J. and John A. Rollwagen
     Fund of The Minneapolis
Amy Silvermann and Barry Rubin
Karen and Steve Sanger
Barney and Patty Saunders
Dr. Irving and Janet Shapiro
Bob and Andrea Sheehy
Margot Siegel
Adine and Thomas Skoog
Cody J. Smith on behalf of Summit
Daniel J. Spiegel Family Foundation
Noa and Ted Staryk
Dorie Sternberg
Robin and David Sternberg
Marcia and John Stout
Marcia Townley
Elizabeth and Manny Villafana
Archie D. and Bertha H. Walker
     Foundation in honor of T. B.
     and Harriet Walker
David and Nancy Warner
Jody Weisman
Mary and Jeff Werbalowsky
Sue and Jim Westerman
Eleanor and Frederick Winston
Rufus and Elizabeth Winton
Julie and Charles Zelle
Anonymous (4)

Mark B. Abeln and Monica Little
Mark Andeer and Robin Osborne
Julie D. Andrus
Brian Austin and John Knudsen
Daniel J. and Barbara Balik
Thomas Banken
Maureen and Peter Beck
Cecelia V. and John W. Beecher
Samuel Bergman
John and Inez Bergquist
Maurice and Sally Blanks
Victor Bloomfield and Elsa Shapiro
Virley and Forrest Brown
Richard Brownlee
Wendy Cammins
Colleen Carey and Pam Endean
Janet Coleman
Yvonne C. Condell
Charles Fuller and Constance
     Mayeron Cowles
Fiona McCrae and John Coy
Dr. and Mrs. James L. Craig
Susan Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. John Dansburg
Barbara Davey
Kelly R. Davis
Nancy D. Dorris
Sheryl and David Evelo
Karen Lu and Carl Gauley
James Gertmenian and Susan King
Karyn Gruenberg and Jim Goldstein
Priscilla Pierce Goldstein
Adam Gottesman
Karen and Michael Gysin
Therese Sexe and David Hage
Susan Storti and Robert Hajek
Sigmund Harris
Ron Lotz and Randy Hartten
Nellie DeBruyn and Tom Hatch
Sarah Henry
Lesley and Joe Heron
Carol and Ronald W. Hokenson
Margie Siegel and Scott Horne
Thomas C. Hunt and John
Ellen and John Huston
Richard T. Isaacson
Kathe Wilcoxon and Robert Jensen
Donetta F. Johnson
Paul Johnson
Michael Jordan
Fred and Maetta Jurewicz
Carole and Martin Kaplan
Greg and Dana Kellenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Kelly
Stephan and Karen Kistler
Kathryn and Amie Kolesar
Alexandra Kulijewicz
Steve Lick and Catherine Jordan
Mary Clare Lokken
R. W. Lyons
Reed and Jane Mackenzie
Joan Madden
Sarah and David Madison
Tom and Pat Madison
Ben Meents and Jodi Boerner
Pamela and Tom Meyers
Kristin Elsbeth Midelfort
Anne Mollerus
Julie and Don Morath
Steven Mose
Kathleen K. and Joseph Mucha
William and Chouhei Mullin
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Nagel
Michael K. Nation and Janet Sauers
Karen Jean Engelbretson and
     Steve Nusbaum
Megan O'Hara
Dennis R. Olson
Gregory R. and Cynthia M. Page
Mary and John Pagnucco
Pan-o-Gold Country Hearth Breads
Victor Perea and Joachim Roski
Prudence Perry
Ann and Felix Phillips
Kika Dudiak and Henry Pitot
Sally B. Polk
John and Anne Polta
Gabrielle Lawrence and Don
Juliette Primeau
Holly Rasmussen
Jean Roberts
David A. Robinson
Charlotte Romain
David Rompa and Ray Grant
Reva Rosenbloom
Mimi and David Sanders
Patricia Bratnober Saunders
Jim and Melissa Schifman
Mariana Quiroga and Sam Schinazi
Sally Rousse and James Sewell
Mary and Marc Shoquist
Steven and Lynette Erickson Sikora
Jim Sitter
Janet E. Hughes and Matt D. Smith
Susan Spray
John and Sabina Sten
Christopher Stevens and Jennifer
Charmaine Stewart
Michelle and David Streitz
Robert Striker and Patrice Tetta
Evelyn T. Struthers
Steve Suckow and Holly Ziemer
Kent and Susan Swanson
Ellen M. Doll and Jay L. Swanson
Scott Swartz and Anne
Virginia Meyer and Jeffrey R.
Rob Thomas
Barbara S. Thompson
Sandra Thorkildson
John Halloran and Ursula Walsh
Janet and Luke Weisberg
Joe and Sue Werner
Dave and Karen Williams
Jill and Mark Wilson
Anthony Winer
Patricia C. Young
Anonymous (3)

Nancy Ahola
Matt Allen
Gretchen and Bob Amis
Alice and John C. Anderson
Kathryn Andrews
Gayle Appelbaum
Elizabeth Darner and Patrick
Dr. Arnold Aronson
Bill Asp
Keri and Phillip Bahar
Robert Ball and Mark Schuler
Barbara O'Neal and Bernard
Harriet Bart
Vicki Barth
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bergford, Jr.
Krista Bissell
Tricia Boley
Richard M. Brouillet
Susan Christie and William Brown
Burdick-Craddick Family
Mary Ann Butler
Dan Carlsen and Susan Gerstner
Molly Cavin
Jack and Ann Cole
Damon Contreras
Jack Coonan
Helen Foster and Frederick A.
Tom Crable
Gary L. Cunningham
Linda and Ken Cutler
Tim Day and Terie Leicht
Jennifer DeBord
Anthony DeMars
Bright M. Dornblaser
Jennifer Downham
Sarah Dwyer
David Elliott
Dr. John and Marlene Ellis
Chris and Natalie Enger
Jean L. Fagerstrom
Ronald Falk
Harold and Joyce Field
Dean and Alice Fjelstul
Peggy and Ross Flakne
Sherri Flass
Ruth Foster
Amy Freestone
Kelly Gallagher
$500-$999 Continued
Mark Gason and Diann Breezee
James and Judy Gaviser
Lois and Larry Gibson
Patrick Glanville
Meryl and Jerry Goldfarb
Norman Good
Mrs. Jules Gurstel
Phil and Missy Hagen
Neil Hagre
James Hamilton
Lea Hargett
John W. Harrer and Kate Ellis
Eleanor L. Harris
Robert V. Hassen
Jenny Hawkins-Hatch and Paul
Liz and Van Hawn
L. Scott Helmes
Susan Hensel
Peter Hill
Kellie N. Hoffman
Glen Hoover
Michael Hopp
Pat Hoven
Christina and Michael A. Huck
Penny Hunt
Marsha Hunter
Hugh and Glenda Huston
Joerg Hutmacher
Sara and Alyssa Jaehne
Vivienne J. Jelatis
Keni and Warren Johnson
Frank and Judy Jossi
David Kelliher and Margaret
     Anderson Kelliher
Miriam and Leroy Kieffer
Meg and Jim Killian
Phillip Koski
Matt Krieger
Steve Kron
Steven Langmo
Andrew Laske
Charles and Zelda Lazor
Genell Lemley
Michelle Lenthe
Chris Lincoln
Connie and Walter Linder
Jan Adler Lubar
Mary Mack
Judy and Thomas Mahoney
Greg Mattern
Howard Mattson
Virginia McBride
Bill McCarthy and Sue Dennis
Kathleen and Douglas McClure
Gerry McGrane
Juliann McGuire
Stephen McHenry
Patricia McNabb
Pamela Ann Meier
Richard L. Milteer
Mariko Miyamoto
Shawn Monitor
Dawn Mori
Louise Muldoon
Jody Myers
Barbara S. and William Nelson
Deborah and Norman Newhall
Larry and Barbara Nordby
Ruth Ofstedal
Maurice and Cynthia Olson
Ronald and Jenneke Oosterhoff
Arnold Ostebee and Kay Smith
Charles Otto
Sara Oxton
Scott Pakudaitis
Karen S. Pederson
Cameron and Mark Peterson
Josh Peterson
Selga Petersons and Petch Howitz
Matthew Pettis
Earl Pilloud
David Plut and Cheryl Jacobs
Jacob and Ruth Polta
Bette-Rae Preus
Jeff Pridie
Surekha and Bharadwaj Puram
Chris Quade
Marsha Qualey
Patrick Riley and Natalie Roholt
Elizabeth Rochon
Amos Rosenbloom and Marsha
Jack and Marty Rossmann
Karli Sande
Edna Sanders
Jerod Santek
Natalie Saxon
David and Patricia Schall
Jennifer Schultz
Pat and Tom Scott
Joan A. Smith and Daniel Shapiro
Dorothy and Arnold Shartin
Donald and Carol Shattuck
Carolyn and Scott Shrewsbury
Bertha Smith
Claricy Smith
Jeff Sommers and Lara Hammel
Bill and Roxanne Soth
Jan Spencer de Gutiérrez
John R. and Alexandra R. Spencer
Jennifer Stratton
Donavon and Janera Stromberg
David and Cathryn Sussman
Jean and Carl R. Swanson
Dina Sweeney
Carletta Sweet
Aaron Szopinski
Anthony Thein
Beverly and Edwin Thiede
Kay A. Thomas
Jane Trosdahl
Lora Truckenbrod
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Utne
Aaron Van Dyke
Mary C. Vanevera
Betsy Wakeman
Thomas B. and Molly Giles Walker
Paula Webster
Allen Weisz
Paul and Elise Werger
Donald and Mary Sue Wester
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Westray
Jean M. Williams
John Winkelman
Dorothy Wulf
Larry and Honey Zelle
David Hasbargen and Wayne
Sharon Zweigbaum

Up to $499
Sharon and Richard Aadalen
Joe Abraham
Katherine Aby
Carla Adams
Harry Adams and Cindy Calderon
Zach Adams
Jill Adler
Elham Agah
Maria Ahrndt
Robert and Margaret Alberg
Jennifer Allen
Keith L. Allen
Roberta and Brad Allen
Alyssa Anderson
Brittany L. Anderson
Bryan Anderson
Rachel Anderson
Roger E. Anderson
Beverly Anglum
Teri and David Anvid
Robert H. Armstrong
Miriam Arneson
Kerri Jamison and Adam Arvidson
Sandra Ashley
Alison Aten
Gudbergur Audunsson and Eyglo
Virgina Aug
Amy Ault
Erika and Mark Austin
Paul Bachleitner
Frederick H. Bachman
Brenda Backman
Elizabeth and Clint Baer
Kerrie Bahr
Peter H. S. Bailey
Holly Baker
Sheena Baker
Pamela and James Balabuszko-
Joan Bechtold and Brian Balleria
John and Wenda Ballinger
Leonard and Joyce Banaszak
Jeff Barber
Carol Barnett
Michael and Leslie Bazzett
Freeman Beasley
Barbara Becher
Lois and Mikkel Beckmen
Jennifer Beem
Nancy Belbas
Donna and Mike Bell
Mary Kalka and Dustin Bennis
James H. Ten Bensel
Sean and Alisa Benson
Lev Bereznycky
Kathryn J. Berg
Marlene Berg
Sandy Daly and David Bergman
Carol Berkenkotter
Larry and Ann Berle
Dale and Susan Berns
Elizabeth H. Best
John Betcher
Ruth and Michael Bettendorf
Deborah Cromer and John Betton
Anthony Beyer
Barbara Birk
Eugene C. Bjorklun
Leland and Antoinette Bjorklund
Curtis Blaesing
Carl S. Blashko
Paul M. Bleile
Meg Layese and Paul Bloom
Mrs. Edward J Bock
Florence Bogle
Laura Boisen
Jane A. Schallert and Tom Bolstad
Linda J. Sorrano and Howard Bolter
Katie Amland and Dave Bon
Ann Tobin and David Booth
Al Borchers
Irving and Sherrill Borkon
Marion Borow
Carol Bouska
Lynn Bowe
Jack B. Bowell
Schelly C. Braden
Sandy Bradley
Cathleen and Jonathan Brannen
Rebecca Breuer
Claude and Alina Bridges
Willie Bridges
Janet Bridgland
Priscilla Briggs
Rebecca Brinkman
Megan Britt
Tom Brodle
Barbara A. Brown
Mona W. Brown
Rebecca Brown
Steven Brown
Gloria De Filipps Brush
Ella Buell
Rae Van Wyhe and Cliff Buikema
Helen Burke and Alison and Julia
Tom Burke and Chris Loy
Jane Burns
Laura Burr
Barbara Burrets
David Chalfant and Louise Burt
Sacha Bush
Steve Bush
Herbert L. Cantrill
Anne Carayon and Cedric Williams
Daniel Carberry
Lisa L. Carlson
Mark Carlton
Robin Carlton
Marc and Myfanwy Carranza
Mary Carroll and David Brancheau
Gerhard Cartford
Doreen Caruth
Dan Casar
Catherine J. Cathers
Russell Cattelan
Bruce Challgren
Kay Chalupnik
Haley Chamberlain
Rajesh Chandy
Emma Chapman
Melisande Charles
Yvonne Cheek
Philip Chepelak
Jamie Chismar
Kate Christopher
Alice Chu
Won and Rachel Chung
Joseph M. Chvala
Chris Cinque
Mr. C. P. Claude
Tom W. Cleary
Therese Clements
Carolyn S. Clemmons
Jill Cliby
Steven L. Clift
Caroline Cochran
Stephan Cole
Chris Conry
Rob Contin and Lynne Ambrosini
Kathryn Cook
Terry Cooper
Deborah Copperud
Scott Coran
Meg Corcoran-Whitier
     Community School for Arts
Steven R. Cotherman
Lawrence and Elizabeth Cramer
Mary Beth and Edward Crandal
Ruth and Doug Crane
Denise Nordling Cronin
Richard and Barbara Crouter
Leslie Cunningham
Charles Rader and Deborah Curtis
Joyce and Rolf Dahle
Kazuko M. Dailey
Peter Danbury
Elizabeth A. Daskal
Ann Davey
Michelle David
Brinsley Davis
Kathleen Peter and Cindy Davis
Eunice and Gordon Davis
H. E. and Marilyn Dean
Robert J. Dean
Mary Deelsnyder
Mary Deering
Flannery Delaney
Vincent DeLusia
Mary Beth Denham
Drew Denker and Sara Piepgras
Susan DeShon
Patricia Dew
Gail Diez
Claire Givens and Andrew Dipper
Michael Dixon
Marian Ritland and Doug Dobson
Art Dollase
Carol Donelan
Conor Donnelly and Leslie Sater
Mary Donovan
H. Douglas and Mary Smith
Melinda Driscoll
Amy and Justin Dritz
Debora Drower
Aleksei Dubrovsky
Anita S. Duckor
Jane Duden
Joel Dunning and Heather Rose-
Stephen Dupont
Jean Ann Durades
Mr. Silvan A. Durben
Andrea Benson and Paul Durham
Saranne Durkacs
Kevin Dutcher
Doug Duwenhoegger
Mike Dvorak
Nina Ebbighausen
Susan Eckhardt
Sally J. Economon
Jordan Eggers
Cindy Eischens
Stephen Eisenmenger
J. Mikel Ellcessor
Mary J. S. Ellis and Grant Ellis
Tom and Joanne Ellison
Ardis and Charles Elowson
Lisa and Frank Elsenbast
William Ender
Charles Engeldinger
Katie Englund
Carole and Gene Epstein
Peter Erickson
Ruth and Paul Erickson
Laura Espondaburu
Gertrude Esteros
Evelyn and Jay Ettinger
John and Wilma Evans
Sultan Faiz
Brenda Fake
Watson and Joan Fearing
Jo Featherstone
Frank and Janice Feinberg
Jackie Fendler and Sandra Levine
Richard Fenton and Mariam Slayhi
Jeannine Ferber
Heidi Ferm
Pat Fidler
Robert and Jessie Finch
Earl Finden
Carol L. Gardener and Gordon G.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fink
Eldonna Finn
Mrs. Betty Ann Fish
Stephen and Michele Fiskum
Jennifer and Thomas Fitch
Jack A. Fitchette
Miles Fiterman II and Elyse Mancy
Mitch Flattum and Jack Barber
Niki Flavin
Paul J. Flick, Jr.
Martha B. Flom
Jim Nepp and Larry Fonnest
Kenneth E. and Barbara R. Ford
Kent Forrest
Douglas and Lillie Foster
Christine Fox
Mark Freij
Peter Frenz
Laura Freund
Arlene M. Fried
Maynard C. Friesen
Janet Frisch
Joe Fuemmeler
Lisl Gaal
Jennifer Gallagher
James P. and Joan Gardner
Paul Gardner
John Gargano
Dorothea and Henry P. Garwick
Anne Gaskill
Arthur Geffen
Angeliki Georgopoulos
William A. Gibson
William Gilbert
Jon Gilbertsen
Carla Ann Ryti and William K.
Gerald and Toni Gilchrist
Laurie and Brad Gilmore
Christopher Glenn and Jean Yager
Mary and Bill Gnatz
Michael J. Godfrey
James A. Goins, Jr.
Lynne Goldberg
Marjorie Goldberg
Miriam Goodman
Robert and Marilyn Gorlin
Arlene Goter
Bernard Graham
Betty Grant
Diane Gray
Kathleen Grendahl
Carol and Walter Griffin
David Griswold
Mrs. Addie Grodnik
Lillian Grothe
Scott Grove
Neal Gruenberg
Bob and Julie Guelich
Keith Guinee
Tessa Gunther
Lesley Guyton
Valetta Gyurci
Jon Haack
Kathleen S. Haley
William and Marilyn Halloran
Keith Halperin
Elsie R. Hambidge
Alvin and Jean Hamburg
Chad Hammerlind
Norma and Tom Hanlon
Kathryn L. Hanna
Scott Hanna
Elizabeth Burns and Jeff Hansen
Lars and Melissa Hansen
Lois S. Hanson
Mary Hanson
Mary Lee Hardenbergh
George and Kathryn Harding
Carolyn Harley and Joanna
Leeanne Harris
Natalie Hart
Paul Hartzell
Nancy J. Harvey
Maura Haug
Judith Healey
Jean C. Heidenreich
Dianne Heins
Becky Heist
Jerry and Donna Hendel
Jerry and Connie Hendrickson
Mel and Mary Hendrix
Deborah Hennrikus
Carrie Ann Seib and Dan Herber
Rachel Hernandez
Adele Hersey
Edwina and Bob Hertzberg
Jeff and Kelly Hettwer
Carrie A. and Richard W. Higgins
Jo Hiner
Jessica Hislop
Sylvia E. Hitchcock
John Hobson
Lisa Hoch
Diane Hoffman
Mary Helen Hoffman
Danika Hoffmann
Mildred and Robert Hoffmann
Susan Eddie Hofmeister
Caia Hoglund
Elizabeth Holdhusen
Jake and Robbi Holdreith
David and Erin Holker
Lori Hollenkamp
Sarah Harris and David Holmgren
Sam Hoolihan
Jane E. and Stanley B. Hooper
Jamie Hopkins
John Horen
John Hornig and Bernadette Lynch
Shannon Horton
Robert Horwitz
Diane Howe
Beth Swanson Hower and George
Susan and Carolyn Huber
J. G. Hudson and Alex Hanna
Lincoln Hudson
Karma Geiger and Brian Hughes
Carole and John Humphrey
Deborah Hunter
Lionel Hunter and Steven Walker
Patricia Hurd
Dr. and Mrs. Milton M. Hurwitz
Ken Iosso
Lynda Monick-Isenberg and Jay
Sam Isham-Schoph
Jon Isom
Heidi Jacob
Pat James
Up to $499 Continued
Penny Jensen
Dr. Lynn Jermal
Cynthia Eicher and Blake Johnson
Charles E. Johnson
Curtis and Lisa Johnson
Dennis and Carole Johnson
Diane S. Johnson
Kevin Johnson
Mary Johnson
Michele Johnson
Patricia L. Johnson
Patty Kuebker Johnson
Richard Johnson
Sarah E. Johnson
Jeff and Linda Johnston
Deborah K. Jones
Roger and Louise Jones
Karen and W. Patrick Judge
Melissa Kaercher
Becky and Gerry Kajander
Jennifer Kalika
Harry Kampert
Rebecca Kane
Helene B. and Sheldon Kaplan
Kaplan Family
Naomi Karstad
R. M. Kaufmann
Julie Kaupa
Shannon Kearney-Coborn
Amy and David Keepper
Marta and Ken Keiran
Anne D. Kelly
Jaymie Kelly
Robert E. Kelly
Melissa Kennedy
Robert and Maria Kennedy
Kathleen Kephart
Aaron Kerr
Lynn Varpness and John Kestner
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A.
     Ketcham, Jr.
Jeff and Meg Keyes
Torben Kiese
Mrs. Willard Kiesner
Dan and Sarah Kilibarda
Caroline Kim
Michael Kimitch
Greg King and Jim Bradeen
Kelly S. Kinney
Guri Kirkeng
Peter Kjome
Elizabeth Klein
Jennifer Tuder and Aaron Klemz
Jeff Klippel and Carol Dorn
Andre Koen
Henry Kohring
Mietek T. Konczyk
Jonna Kosalko
Emily Kosokar
Lisa Kotsonas
Kathryn and Dean Koutsky
Brian R. Kraft and Kevin Curtis
Christine Kraft
Elizabeth Krause
Paul Krause
Tobi and Kelly Kreifels
Pierce Kroh and Laura Hemmy
Terrie Kroshus
Leslie Kunze
Joseph J. Kuznik
Maria Labhard
Terra K. and James LaChance
Pam Lampert
Linda and Tom Lane
Erik D. Lanegran
Randi Rood and Michael Lang
Sara Langer
V. Rebecca Lano
Carmen Largaespada
Sue Larsen
Chris Larson
Lorrie and James R. Larson
Marcia M. Larson
John Latimer
Cheryl Laurent
Ruth and Herbert Lauritzen
Mary Lawrence
Roely Lawrence
David Lee
Patricia M. Leefeldt
Lisa Brown and Mark Lellman
Edward Lentsch and Debbie
Nora and Bob Leone
Harold Levinger and Sheila Field
Rachel and John Levitt
Ben Levitz
Diane and Michael Levy
J. Craig Lewis
Mary and C. M. Lewis
Wendy Lewis
Beth Niestat and Daniel Libenson
Dr. and Mrs. R. D. Lillemoen
Albert J. Linck
Thomas and Linda Lincoln
Vicki Lind
Erik Lindberg and Marcia Glick
Liz Lindeke
Pat Lindquist
Tai Jen Liu
Helen Livingston
Vicki Lofquist
Nate Lohmer
John Lokowich
Arnold and Jean London
Nancy Longley
Mary Longo
Gordon J. Loraas
Brian Lorbiecki
Katrin Loss
Lorchid Loughran
Mary Anne and Tony Luciow
Brenda Jessen and Scott Ludtke
Jay Luehmann
Juanita and Richard Luis
Barbara Lund
Brad Lundell
Robert and Nancy Lunning
Joyce Lyon
Lucy Lyons
Mrs. Thomas B. MacKenzie
Catrin Magnusson
Brenda A. Mahannah
George Mahoney
Wendy Fassett and Kevin Mahony
Chris Main
Rhoda Mains
Anita Makar
R. Kevin Maler and Eileen
Terrie Maley
Elisabeth Malm
Nancy Carlson and Bob Manders
David Mann
Rob Mann
Lori Mans
Laura Yost Manthey and
     Wayne Manthey
Pauline Marks
Chris Marquardt
Lauren Marsh
Lizabeth and John Marshall
Frank Martin, Jr.
Ruth Martin
Sandra Martin
Mary E. Marvin
Vivian Mason
Erin Matson
Teresa Matson
Janet Mattox
Linda Maxson
Scott May
Daniel Mayer
Clif Mayhood
Mark and Elizabeth McAfee
Eric Mcbacke
James McCormick
Andrea McCue
Brian McCullough and Cate
Lisa McDaniel
Trish McElroy
Julia McFadden
Martin McGough
Betsy Hirsch and Matt McGue
Lisa and William McGuire
Susan McGuire
Joan McIntosh
Kelly McLain
Laura and David J. McLean
Marvin McNeff
Lyn McNeil
Martha McNey
Elizabeth McNiel
John and Patricia Meegan
Mary Meester
Carole Meggary
Donald Meisel
Mark Meisel-Youngman
Todd Melby
Margaret Merkow
Marsha Meury
Jane Meyer
Lillian and John Meyer
Jean and Franklin Michaels
David Hamlow and Liz Miller
Jonathan Miller
Mike Miller
Merle and Roland Minda
Sue Minor
Boriana Mintcheva-Strzok
Hope Mock
Mark and Cobell Molina
Helane Monsour
Lawrence and Deborah Moran
Marsha Mose
Shelly R. Mosman
Seward and Joyce Mott
Lisa Mueller
Diane Mullin
Fran Mullin
Benjamin Munson
Betty and David Murphy
Mary Ellen S. Murphy
Matt Murphy and Charlie Gallup
JoAnn Musumeci
David and Karen Nasby
Andy Nelesen
Brian Nelson
Erin Nelson
Gordon and Beverly Nelson
Mrs. Sarah Nemer
Ford and Catherine Nicholson
Shirley Nilsen
Susan Nordbye
Lisa Northagen
John Printy-Northwestern College
Jean H. Nudell
Judy Nurick
James A. Nystrom
Linda N. Oakes
Joan Oas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Oberrender
Sallie O'Brien
Jane E. Ochrymowycz
Jill Oleisky
Lori Erickson and Chuck Olsen
Adam Olson
Barbara Olson
Barbara Olson
Charles Olson
Christine Olson
David Olson
Nancy Fushan and David Olson
Eleanor Olson
Howard and Bettye J. Olson
Jeffery Ondich
Jenny Onken
Mary and John Onkka
Susan Oppenheim and Frieda
Jack and Ann Oppenheimer
Jeanne M. Farrar and Myron
Marri Oskam
Jane Oslund
Marge Ostroushko
Jim and Fran Otto
Mrs. Frederick M. Owens
Stephen Ozone
Joann and Ross Paden
Raymond and Janice Palmer
Bonnie Palmquist
Aaron Parker and Sue Ginsburg
Jeffrey Parnaby and Samia Haddad
Mary and Michael Path
LeAnn Patterson
Karen Paurus
Katie Peacock
Diane Pearson and William Kaplan
Jaime Williams and Nicholas
Sue and Dan Pederson
Joel and Vida Peskay
Deane Greg Peters
Josh Peters
Stefan Peterson and Shanti Shah
Stephen Philion and Chien-tzu
William Phillips
Donna Lee-Philstrom and Richard
Aloun Phoulavan
Walter Piehl, Jr.
Jennifer Pierce and Gabriella
Jim Pikala
Ann Louise Piotrowski
David and Joanne Platt
Anne Scott Plummer
William Polk and Kerri Ryan
Mickey Smith and Aaron Pollock
Bonnie and Al Porte
Alaric Poseley-Hatton
Susan Powers
Peter and Roxan Pretzer
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Priedeman
Adam Punhochar
Laura Pyne
Elliot S. Ramos
Glory Ramsey
Judith Rappaport
Ave and John Rasmussen
Jeri Rasmussen
Timothy Ray
Cheryl Reberg
Robert J. Rees
Marilyn J. Rehnberg
Leah Rein
Carl J. Remick, Jr.
Ann H. Rest
Jodene S. Riha
Kent Ritchie
Pat Robbinson
Russel W. Robinson
Norton Rockler
Lisa Roe
Becky and Paul Rohde
Stephen E. Ronald
Troy and Janelle Rorman
Donna and Robert Rose
Michelle Sullivan and Andrew
Tom Rosen and Tom Emmert
Richard Rosenberg and Mickey
Steven Rosenberg
Judith Rosenblatt
Meredythe Jones and Steve Rossi
John M. and Linda R. Roszak
Richard and Paulet Rousseau
James Rovner
Marilyn Rovner
Patricia Ruben
Daniel Rude
Michelle Rueter
Peggy Rupp
Kate Searls and Dan Rybeck
Sarah Rydberg
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Ryweck
Marian Saksena
Natalie Salminen
Dorothy F. Saltzman
Linda and Kevin Saltzman
Tariq Samad and Karen Nemchik
Joseph Samuelson
Sarah E. Sargent
Sherry and Tom Saterstrom
Petronella J. Ytsma and Mark Sauer
Mark Savin
Laurie Savran
Robert Saxler and Mary Ellen
Richard Scarlett
Dorothy Schaeffer
Dale Schatzlein
Barry Schaudt
Rebecca Schenk
Denise and Peter Schlesinger
Nick Schneider
Ralph J. Schnorr
Lynn Schoenstedt
Ray Schreurs
John Schuerman
Heidi Schultz
Caroline and James Schwert
Lloyd G. Scott and Dorothy
Michael Sedki
Emily F. Seesel
Glenn Seibert
Maureen Seibert
Ray Serrano
Marianne Shaw
Janet Sheldon
Marianne L. Shema
Lester Shen and Karen Linner
Pearl and Sheldon Sheps
Ted and LaVona Sherarts
Margaret Shideman
Robert Shidla
Mark Shriver
Mark and DeeAnn Sibley
Gail and Wayne Siegel
Kristin Siegesmund and Suzann
John Siewert
Jeanne and Lawrence Silverman
Toby Silvermann
Ginger Sisco
Linda and Brian Siverson-Hall
Mary Jo Skaggs
Jolene Skogen
Dr. and Mrs. Gaius J. Slosser II
Daniel and Katherine Smith
Helene Smith
Jeremy L. Smith
Mary and Travis Smith
Adair Soderholm
John Sokalski
Michael Sommers and Sue Haas
Robert and Teresa Sonier
Denise and Abraham Sorom
Edward Sostek
LaVonne M. Souther
Judy Speltz
Sandy Spieler
Dominic Sposeto
Martin and Heidi Springborg
Cristina Sroka
Erik Stahl
Miriam and James B. Stake
Kevin Stanek
Stacey Stanley
Mary Ann and Thomas Stark
Shane Starkweather
Jane A. Starr
Tema Stauffer
Nancy Steinke
Clay Steinman
Mary Stell
Marcia D. Stemwedel
Martha Roby Stephens
Ron Sterenson
Margaret Sterrett
Cynthia Hill and Bill Stevens
Jill and Richard Stever-Zeitlin
Nathan Stohlmann
Dana and Stephen Strand
Sally Strand
Tess Surprenant
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Swanson
Dorothy L. Joy Swanson
Eileen E. Swanson
Judy Swanson
Steve Sweere
Katie Franson and Patrick Swifka
Carolyn Swiszcz
Mr. Merle H. Sykora
Gregg Taragos
Charles and Janet Tarino
Susan S. Tasa
Barbara and Douglas Taylor
Josephine Reed-Taylor and
     David V. Taylor
Leigh Dillard and John Taylor
Rick and Jean Theisen
Charles Thomas and Libby Trader
Mary Ann Thompson
Deborah Thorp
Barbara and Kenneth Tiede
Peter Tiffin
Dr. Louis and Frances Tobian
Erica Tobola
Donneen and Mark Torrey
Ted Tostlebe and Marilyn Hanson
Melissa Omafray Townly and
     Michael Townley
Christopher True and Angie Riley
Naomi Tsantir
Theodore Tucker and Penny
Mary Turner
Jenni Undis
Frank and Shirley Ungar
Aaron Vandyke
C. Edward and Patricia Vaurio
Anthony Venne
Kitty Vento
Roman and Alice Verostko
Carrie and Neil Vill
Joan Wahl
Sandra Walberg
Doug Wallace and Peggy Hunter
Krista Walsh
Tasha Walvig
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Ward
Stephen Ward
Sandra Waterman
Kathryn Hammond and Kyle
Jon Watson and Kathy Moe
Susan Wayne
Jerome and Alice Webster
Steven C. Webster
Leila A. Weimar
Gerhard and Janet Weiss
John Welckle
Julia Welter
Jill Wenzel
Leona Werner
Patricia B. West
Eva Weyandt
Bonnie Hancock and Joe Weyandt
Andrew and Chrissie Weyenberg
Lisa and Eric Wharton
Joe and Bethany Whitehead
Barbra Wiener
Deanna Wiener and Jim Tilsen
Inez Wildwood
Brian Williams
Mr. and Mrs. David Williams
Elizabeth Williams
Evan Williams
Korine Wills
Amy R. Wilson
David and Lorna Wilson
Jacky Wilson
Susan Winkelmann
Dan and Pat Winter
Anne Wisker
John Wittgraf
Amy Wagner and Charlie Witzke
Bill Wolfson
Lee J. and Janet Woolman
Jeff Walkowski and Jeff Wyant
Emi Yasaka
Debra Yerigan
Jane Young
Patricia Young
Katherine and Larry Youngblood
Nancy and Bill Zats
Ann Zelle
Kirsten Zerhusen
Muriel Zieve
Shirley and Peter Zimmerman

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