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Photography Credit(s)
Cameron Wittig

Performing Arts Momentum: New Dance Works
Performing Arts

Big Dance Theater, Rennie Harris, Robin Holcomb, Jennifer Monson, 33 Fainting Spells

Summer Music & Movies
Original Harmony Ridge Creek
    Dippers/Requiem for a Heavyweight

'Llec'trano'freebuzz/Kid Galahad
Sweet J.A.P./The Soviettes/The Great
    White Hope
TVBC/The Main Event
Puro Cubano/Champion

Mikhail Baryshnikov/Koji Atwood: Solos with
    Piano or Not ...
Teatr Biuro Podrózy: Carmen Funebre
    (Funeral Song)
Robin Holcomb: O, Say a Sunset
Remember Shakti with John McLaughlin/Zakir
Improbable Theatre: The Hanging Man *
Rennie Harris/Electric Boogaloos/Popmaster Fabel/The Untouchables: Hip-Hop Moves:
    Heroes and Innovators
Rennie Harris: Facing Mekka *
Michelle Kinney/George Cartwright:
    New Music/New Voices
Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan: Cursive
Beat the Donkey/Cyro Baptista
The Gertrude Lippincott Talking Dance Series
    with David White
32nd Annual Choreographers' Evening
Jon Jang and Zeitgeist: New Beginnings

Music + Film
Matthew Shipp Trio: Patrick Gaucher's
    Combinations *
Stan Brakhage's Text of Light with
    Lee Ranaldo, William Hooker,
    Marina Rosenfeld, Alan Licht, and
    Ulrich Krieger

Out There 16
Big Dance Theater: Plan B *
Sekou Sundiata: blessing the boats
Elevator Repair Service: Room Tone

A Festival of Forced Entertainment
Tim Etchells/Forced Entertainment:
    Instructions for Forgetting ¤
Forced Entertainment: First Night
Forced Entertainment: And on the Thousandth

Walker without Walls
David Krakauer's Klezmer Madness!
Tere O'Connor Dance: LAWN º
Michael Gordon Band: Light Is Calling
Jennifer Monson Company: Bird Brain: Ducks
    and Geese º
Oliver Mtukudzi and the Black Spirits
33 Fainting Spells: Our Little Sunbeam*

Rock the Garden 2004: David Byrne with
    the Tosca Strings, Antibalas Afrobeat
    Orchestra, Barbara Cohen/Cisco DeLuna
Dyke Night 14: Let the Music Take You,
    with Toshi Reagon and Terry
    Dame's Electric Junkyard Gamelan

* = Walker commission
º = Of This World: Art + Environment series
¤ = Part of Out There 16