Government Support
Individuals and Private Foundations
Corporate Members
Special Project Contributors
The Legacy Circle



Photography Credit(s)
Cameron Wittig

Walker without Walls Billboard Project

Director's Circle
Leaders ($25,000 and above)
Martha and Bruce Atwater
Peggy and Ralph Burnet
Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation
Julia W. Dayton
Mary Lee Dayton
The McKnight Foundation
Margaret and Angus Wurtele

Major Sustainers ($15,000-$24,999)
Matthew O. Fitzmaurice
Karen and Ken Heithoff
Jeanne and Richard Levitt
William W. McGuire and Nadine M. McGuire
    Family Foundation
Curtis and Marjorie Nelson
Mary and John Pappajohn
Cathryn and Michael Peel
Rehael Fund-Roger Hale/Nor Hall-of The
    Minneapolis Foundation
Wenger Foundation
Penny and Mike Winton

Major Partners ($10,000-$14,999)
Ann Birks
Sandra and Peter Butler
Anne and Art Collins
Ellie and Tom Crosby, Jr.
Berit and Michael Francis
Martha and John Gabbert
Miriam and Erwin Kelen
Jean Walker Lowell and Wayne Lowell
John Taft and Martha McPhee
Marilyn and Keith Moyer
Rebecca and Robert Pohlad
Lois A. and John E. Rogers
Harriet and Edson Spencer Fund of The
    Minneapolis Foundation
Dick and Claudia Swager
Adrian Walker

Guarantors ($5,000-$9,999)
John and Arlene Dayton
Lucia S. and Andrew Duff
M. Nazie Eftekhari
Jack and Camie Eugster
Dolly J. Fiterman
Andrew Grossman
N. Bud and Beverly Grossman Foundation
Alfred and Ingrid Lenz Harrison
Deborah Hopp
The Hubbard Foundation
Art and Martha Kaemmer Fund of the HRK
Richard Coyle Lilly Foundation
    David and Perrin Lilly
    Bruce and Mary Lilly
    David and Diane Lilly, Jr.
    Susanne and Zenas Hutcheson
Cargill and Donna MacMillan
Mr. and Mrs. Whitney MacMillan
Mary and Bob Mersky
Donna Miller
Walter F. and Joan Mondale
Marilyn and Glen Nelson
Martha Dayton and Thomas Nelson
Linda and Lawrence Perlman
Leslye and Edward J. Phillips
David Piper
Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation
Dr. Judith and Mr. Stephen Shank
B.C. Gamble and P.W. Skogmo Fund of The
    Minneapolis Foundation
Cammie and Mike Sweeney
Joanne and Philip Von Blon
Clinton Walker Foundation
    Ann M. Hatch
    Brooks Walker, Jr.
    Lindsey Walker
Elaine B. Walker
Jan and Stephen Watson
Weiser Family Foundation
Susan and Rob White
Frances and Frank Wilkinson Foundation

Benefactors ($2,500-$4,999)
Siah and Barbara Armajani
Ed Bazinet
Carol and Judson Bemis, Jr. Fund of The
    Minneapolis Foundation
The Bentson Foundation
Susan M. and James R. Cargill II
Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation
Sage and John Cowles
Katharine L. Kelly and Duncan N. Dayton
Ruth and Bruce Dayton
Vanessa and David Dayton
Dellwood Foundation, Inc.
William R. and Janice M. Dircks
Richard and Beverly Fink Family Foundation
Shirley and Miles Fiterman
Mary Livingston Griggs and Mary Griggs
    Burke Foundation
Lawrence G. Anderson and Esperanza
Barbara L. Forster and Larry H. Hendrickson
Karon Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William Kling
Mark and Kati Lovaas
Ted and Roberta Mann Foundation
Marlene and Marshall Miller
Susan D. Miller
Mary and David Moffett
Dr. Tim J. and Kimberly Montgomery
Joan and John Nolan
Sally and George Pillsbury
Michelle and William Pohlad
E. Thomas Binger and Rebecca Rand
Kathleen S. Roeder
Nancy and Arthur W. Schwalm
Jeff and Helene Slocum
The Southways Foundation
Wim Stocks
William and Lee Strang Fund of The
    Minneapolis Foundation
Mary W. Vaughan Fund of The Minneapolis
Michael J. Peterman and David A. Wilson
Marvin and Elayne Wolfenson
Helen and J. Kimball Whitney
Ruth and Jim Weaver

Fellows ($1,500-$2,499)
Susanne Olin and Edward Andrle
Cynthia and Chris Armacost
Susan and Lloyd Armstrong
Daniel Avchen
Frank and Muffy Bennett
Theresa and Nathan Berman
Herman J. Birnberg
Thomas H. Borman
Conley and Marney Brooks
John and Nancy Burbidge
Susan and Nicholas Burke
Darlene J. and Richard P. Carroll Family
    Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Deborah and John Christakos
Todd and Becky Coate
Dr. James E. and Gisela Corbett
Jeanne and Burt Corwin
Ella P. Crosby
Andrew Currie
Merrie and Dave Dahlgren
Robert Ulrich and Jill Dahlin
Meredyth Anne Dasburg Foundation
Fran Davis
Mrs. Julius E. Davis
Edward and Sherry Ann Dayton
Megan and James Dayton
Toby and Mae Dayton
Lisa and Pat Denzer
Eunice L. Dwan 1991 Irrevocable Trust
Steven Cox and Andrea Edmonson
Susan E. Engel and Arthur N. Eisenberg
Barbara and Jack Elliott
Stephen Figlmiller
JoAnn and Gary Fink
Randy and Jay Fishman
Donald McNeil and Emily Galusha
John Cullen and Joe Gibbons
Patti Goldberg
L. Steven and Mary Goldstein Fund of The
    Minneapolis Foundation
Lucy Rogers and Larry Grant
Toni and Frederick Green Family Fund of
    The Minneapolis Foundation
Marilyn and Dean Greenberg
Robert and Susan Greenberg
Jack Grundhofer
Betsy A. and Jule Hannaford
Ron Lotz and Randy Hartten
John and Diane Herman
Nina Hale and Dylan Hicks
Leo A. and Doris Hodroff
Leonard and Mary Lou Hoeft
Chelle Stoner and Warren Kelly
Amy and Mitch Kern
Janie and Orrin Kirschbaum
Kathy Halbreich and John Kohring
Hugh Klein and Judy Lebedoff
Sarah and Jonathan Lebedoff
Dorothy and Morris Levy, Jr. Charitable Fund
Dr. John C. and Searcy T. Lillehei
Barbara S. Longfellow
Robert and Sara Lumpkins
Reid and Ann MacDonald
Olga and George Mack
Lynne Melcher
C. Suzanne Bates and Tom Mensing
David Miller
The Moore Family Fund of the Minnesota
    Community Foundation
Sheila and John Morgan
Jane and John Morrison
Sue and Ken Murray
Charles and Candice Nadler Family Foundation
Sarah Nettleton
Michael and Kelly Palmer
Ann L. Bitter and Lyn Parker
Kelly and Chris Perry
Darren Acheson and Carol Peterson
Thomas J. Petters
Jennifer Case Phelps and Charles Phelps
Dean and Karin Phillips
Alan Polsky
Pratt Family Fund of The Minneapolis
Tom Owens and Stephanie Prem
Gary and Susan Rappaport
Harvey and Barbara Ratner
Elizabeth and Andrew Redleaf
Lawrence M. Redmond
Geri and Dar Reedy
The Regis Foundation
Peter C. and Annie Remes
Dorothy J. Horns and James P. Richardson
Robyne Robinson
Rockler Jackson Family Foundation
John and Sandra Roe
Anne Pierce Rogers
Carla McGrath and Cole Rogers
M. Kathryn Ross
Barbara Ruben
Nancy and Larry Saliterman
Stephen Knowles and Nada Sarraf-Knowles
Nancy and Eric Schned
Saul and Beth Ann Segal
Evie and Ryan Simon
Thomas and Adine Skoog
Smaby Family Foundation
Lynne and Howard Stacker
Denise and Gregg Steinhafel Robin and David Sternberg
David Teiger
Mr. and Mrs. Angus Vaughan
Clinton Walker Foundation, John C. and
    Kay Kimpton Walker
Nancy and David Warner
Mary and Stephen Watson
Jo and Howard Weiner
Lora and Martin Weinstein
Jody Harris Weisman Family Foundation
Ellen and Fred Wells
Werner Foundation
The Charles J. Winton, Jr. and Henrietta
    McDonald Winton Fund
Rufus and Elizabeth Winton
Allie and Jim Wittenberg
Martha Yunker, YA Architecture

Founders ($1,000-$1,499)
Gail and Robert E. Buuck
David and Vicki Cox
Wendy Dayton
Denny Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Charlotte and Carl B. Drake
The Driscoll Foundation
Marja Engler
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Erickson
Scotty and Peter Gillette
Stanley B. Gregory Fund of The Minneapolis
Hendry Family Foundation
Susan and William Hodgson
Diane and Tony Hofstede
Lucy Rosenberry Jones
Samuel and Sylvia Kaplan Fund of The
    Minneapolis Foundation
Jane and Jim Kaufman Fund of The
    Minneapolis Foundation
Margee and Bob Kinney
David and Elizabeth Kruidenier
Constance and Daniel Kunin
Sandy and Harry Lerner
Richard Fuller McCarthy
Katherine and Kingsley H. Murphy, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Nichols
Lawrence M. and Elizabeth Ann
    O'Shaughnessy Charitable Income Trust
K.C. and Thomas M. Racciatti
Paul and Mary Reyelts
Leland W. Schubert
Stanislaw and Krystyna Skrowaczewski
Valerie and Ed Spencer
Dr. Gerald W. and Susan E. Timm
Stephanie L. Haack and James E. Toonen
Archie D. and Bertha H. Walker Foundation
Mindy and Steven Wexler
The Wyss Foundation

Patrons ($500-$999)
Mr. and Mrs. John Agee
Todd and Allyson Aldrich
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson
Cynthia and Woodbury Andrews
Ruth and Dale Bachman
Kristin Henning Bartel and Tom Bartel
Julie and H. Ronald Berg
Helen L. Bing
Lois B. and Jonathan S. Bishop
Jane Robertson Blanch Fund of The
    Minneapolis Foundation
Marvin and Betty Borman
Burdick-Craddick Family Foundation
Jonathon Coltz and Jennifer Carozza and
Rusty and Burt Cohen
Donald W. Selzer, Jr. and Katherine Jade
Constance Mayeron and Charles Fuller
    Cowles Foundation

Patrons ($500-$999) Continued
Fiona McCrae and John Coy
Douglas and Sarah Crowther
Tom and Mary Lou Detwiler
David J. Miller and Mary Dew
Mary and Ernest F. Dorn
Mrs. Sam Druy
Helen Preddy and James Egbert
Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Fribley
Katherine and David Galligan
Mr. and Mrs. James Gesell
Doug and Gretchen Gildner
Donald Pastor and David Goldstein
Gary Richard Schoener and V. Katherine Gray
John and Deanne Greco
Frances Graham and Robert Gumnit
Rosalie Heffelfinger Hall Fund of The
    Minneapolis Foundation
Gary and Grethen Holland
Janice Hope
Mary Ingebrand-Pohlad
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin S. Jaffray
Jane Rosemarin and Val Landwehr
Jean and Laurence LeJeune
Lois Kay Liten
George and Jean Pendray Logan
Susan Marvin
Pat Mathews
William and Martha McLaughlin
Eric J. Meester
Laura and Charles Miller
Linda and Reid Murchison
Judy and John M. Murphy, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell J. Noteboom
Mrs. Richardson Okie
John C. Pollak
Paul S. Pappajohn and Robert J. Rademacher
Luther I. Replogle Foundation
Barbara and Winthrop Rockwell
Phil and Tammie Rosenbloom
Martha and Thom Sandberg
William Sandberg
Margaret Humphrey and Joshua Seaver
Helen Silha
Marcia and John Stout
Michael Symeonides
Emily Anne Tuttle
The Lee and Rose Warner Foundation
John and Janet Watson
Mary Ruth Weisel
Sue and Jim Westerman
Christopher Duff and Mark Westman
Rishia and Andrew S. Zimmern

Sponsors ($250-$499)
Gordon and Mary Aamoth
Dr. Hanan J. Rosenstein and Dr. Richard
Paula A. Anderson
Robert and Linda Andrews
The Arts Connection
Ike and Lori Austin
J. Michael Barone
Walter and Jane Barry
Michael and Ellen Bendel-Stenzel
Richard and Jane Borchers Family Fund of
    The Minneapolis Foundation
Mary Swanbeck Bowman
Beth Brill
Lorraine and Bernard A. Cannon
Joan and Gary Capen
Joanne and Benton Case, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Blaine John Chaney
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick H. Chute, Sr.
Dr. Millard Coffin
Wendy and David Coggins
Edward and Joann Conlin
Diane A. Connor
Susan Crawford
David and Kitty Crosby
Charles Quimby and Susan Cushman
Tom E. Davis
Dr. and Mrs. Amos Deinard
David and Patricia Drew
Curtis Sloan and Helen Duritsa
Sally J. Economon
Daniel Lieberman and Suzanne Fenton
John and Dianne Fenyk
C. M. Fiedler
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Finkelstein
Carolyn D. Fiterman
Gerald T. Flom
Warren D. Woessner and Iris Freeman
Marion Levine and Harold Frishberg
Mary Ella Galbraith
Mark L. Gilberstadt
Lynn and Alan Goldbloom
Adam Gottesman
Paul and Margot Grangaard
Bert M. and Susan Hill Gross
Stephanie Chew Grossman
Stephen and Roxane Harvey Gudeman
Jose A. Peris and Diana L. Gulden
Philip M. and Margaret S. Harder Fund of
    The Minneapolis Foundation
Jed and Emily Harris
Helen and William Hartfiel
Dan Hathaway
Anne and Peter Heegaard Family Fund of
    The Minneapolis Foundation
Don and Arlene Helgeson
Dale and Linda Herron
Harriet Thwing Holden
Fran and Arthur Horowitz
Julie Schaper and Steven Horwitz
Julia and Eric Hynnek
James W. Inglis
Amie Noun and Ira Isbin
Rosamond and Bernard Jacob
Lee Jacobsohn
Laura and Michael Keller
Victoria Korosi and Laura Kennedy
Jeff and Meg Keyes
A. R. Kircher
Kent Allin and Thomas Knabel
Mark Steinhauser and Leslie Kopietz
Mary and Leo Kottke
Dann F. Krueger
Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Lachowitzer
Jim De Lambert
Karen and John A. Larsen
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Lentz
Mr. and Mrs. David Lenzen
Delores and Sheldon Levin
Jeanne and Albert Levin
Connie and Walter Linder
Jan Adler Lubar
Peggy and David Lucas
Duane and Vickie Lund
Sue and Bill Lurton
Patricia McCartin and Paul Luttio
R. W. Lyons
Kristine Lubar MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan MacMillan
Bob and Siri Marshall
Jennifer Martin
Daniel Mayer
André Lewis and Kathleen McCartin
Kathleen and Douglas McClure
Katharine DeShaw and Mark McConnell
Patricia and Samuel McCullough
Terence Fruth and Mary McEvoy Family Fund
    of The Minneapolis Foundation
Peter and Anne McNerney
Kim and Ron Meshbesher
Jim and Laura Miles
David N. Miller
Lucy C. Mitchell
Todd Davis and Maureen Mullen
Joe and Diana Murphy
Elizabeth A. Murray
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Nagel
Chuck Neerland and Maureen Kelly Neerland
Cathy Polasky and Ave Nelson
Win and Christie Neuger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nickoloff
Lisa and John Nicotra
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Ogden, Jr.
Timothy P. Ojile
Stephanie and Michael Ott
Robert Owens
Rodney and Nancy Peterson
R. D. Zimmerman and Lars Peterssen
Richard and Nancy Pflager
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Pillsbury, Jr.
Amy Pisansky
Kika Dudiak and Henry Pitot
Sally Polk
Philip and Christine Portoghese
Jim Pagliarini and Elizabeth Raymond
John and Linda Rebane
Erik Reisetter
Carl J. Remick
Jeanne Eddy and Lee Renz
Jay A. Peterson and Kathryn Ripke
Ruth Roberts
Amy Silvermann and Barry Rubin
Mimi and David Sanders
Tom and Sheva Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Sayre
Janet and Irving Shapiro
Karen and Barry Shapiro
Victor Bloomfield and Elsa Shapiro
Rose Jean Sharpe
Andrew J. Shea
Sieff Family Foundation
Steven and Lynette Erickson Sikora
Paul Simons
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Sit
Daniel N. Smith III and Maureen Millea Smith
Laurie A. and Michael L. Snow
Sharon and Phil Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Morton I. Sosland
Margaret Spear
Nancy Speer
Michaelynn McCarron and Mike Stapp
Dorie Sternberg
Kent and Susan S. Swanson
Virginia and Donald F. Swanson
Lynne and Terry Thompson
Sue Thompson
Lowell A. Thornber
Mike Reed and Jane Tilka
Carol and Frank Trestman
Jane Trosdahl
Carol and Lynn Truesdell
Tom and Anne Ulseth
Mary Ann and David Wark
David and Ruth Waterbury
Dennis W. Watson
Jean Weiss
Paul and Elise Werger
Joe and Sue Werner
Muriel and Mark Wexler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. White
Patricia Hampl and Terence Williams
Frederick and Eleanor Winston
Kirt Woodhouse
Shelly and Gordon Wright
Anonymous (4)

Memorial Gifts
Nancy T. Shepard in memory of Barbara
    White Bemis
Mary and John Pappajohn in memory of
    Kenneth Dayton
In memory of Dr. Paul Sternberg:
    C. Suzanne Bates
    Marvin and Rosemary Fish
    Jeanne and Richard Levitt
    Jan McDaniel
    Dianne L. Meixner
    Candice and Charles Nadler
    Dr. Judith and Mr. Stephen Shank
    Irv and Marge Weiser
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. White

Honorary Gifts
Brenda Cich in honor of Andrew Duff
Carol Neuberger in honor of Richard Flood,
    Douglas Fogle, Joan Rothfuss, Ken and
    Karen Heithoff, and Ralph and Peggy Burnet
Lynne Melcher in honor of Jeanne and Richard
Gayle Appelbaum in honor of Mr. Manuel
    Swatez's birthday and Mr. and Mrs. Manuel
    Swatez's 60th wedding anniversary

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Fund
$150 and above
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson
Martha and Bruce Atwater
Thomas Banken
Kate Lynch and Chris Beaty
Richard Boynton
Conley and Marney Brooks
Page and Jay Cowles
Susan Crawford
Mary Lee Dayton
Dr. and Mrs. Amos Deinard
Tom and Mary Lou Detwiler
Joan Forester
Mr. and Mrs. James Gesell
Debra Oberman and Mark Gittleman
Bill and Bess Gold
Meryl and Jerry Goldfarb
Bert M. and Susan Hill Gross
Don and Arlene Helgeson
Diane and Tony Hofstede
Deborah Hopp
Patrick Dougherty and Delle Jacobs
Kent Allin and Thomas Knabel
Carmen Largaespada
Glenn S. Lindsey
Cargill and Donna MacMillan
Patricia and Samuel McCullough
Mary and Bob Mersky
Jim and Laura Miles
Laura and Charles Miller
Marlene and Marshall Miller
Carolyn Bisson and Richard R. Miller
Jon Watson and Kathy Moe
Walter F. and Joan Mondale
Marilyn and Keith Moyer
Gordon and Beverly Nelson
Tariq Samad and Karen Nemchik
Timothy P. Ojile
Mrs. Richardson Okie
Mary and John Pappajohn
Carla Pardue
Paola McElheron and Mike Peplinski
Linda and Lawrence Perlman
Kika Dudiak and Henry Pitot
Carla McGrath and Cole Rogers
Jamie L. and Gary F. Milne Rojek
Phil and Tammie Rosenbloom
Colleen and James Ryan
Kathleen and Andrew Scott
Janet and Irving Shapiro
Harriet and Ed Spencer
William and Lee Strang Fund of The
    Minneapolis Foundation
Susan and Robert Warde
Mary Ann and David Wark
Werner Foundation
Christopher Duff and Mark Westman
Muriel and Mark Wexler
Winton-Whitney Fund
Frances and Frank Wilkinson Foundation
Anonymous (2)