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Design Andrew Blauvelt
Chad Kloepfer
Project Coordination Lisa Middag Editing Pamela Johnson
Kathleen McLean
Production Greg Beckel Printing Shapco Printing, Inc., Minneapolis Website Paul Wenzel


Photography Credits

Alchemy Architects weeHouse
2003 In the exhibition Some
Assembly Required: Contemporary
Prefabricated Houses Photo courtesy
Alchemy Architects

Hany Abu-Assad Paradise Now
(2005) Premieres: First Look
Photo: Seamus Murphy

Diane Arbus Installation view of the
exhibition Diane Arbus Revelations
©Estate of Diane Arbus LLC
Photo: Gene Pittman

Matthew Bakkom Capture the Flag
OPEN-ENDED Resident Artist

Matthew Barney Drawing Restraint 9
(2005) Premieres: First Look
Photo: Chris Winget/IFC Films

John Bock Installation view of
FoetusGott_in_MeMMe (FetusGod_in_
(2002) in the exhibition Urban
Cocktail Photo: Gene Pittman

Boris Photo: Gene Pittman

Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance
Company Blind Date
Photo: Paul B. Good

Cao Fei Burners (2003)
The Wave: Short films from China

Scott Burton Two-Part Chairs,
Obtuse Angle (A Pair) 1983–1984
Gift of the Butler Family Fund, 1984

Joe Chvala and the Flying Foot Forum
Between the Fire and Ice (Mjøllnir II)
World premiere/Walker commission
Photo: Warwick Green

George Clooney Good Night, and
Good Luck. (2005) Premieres:
First Look Photo: ©2005 Melinda
Sue Gordon

Chuck Close Installation view of the exhibition Chuck Close: Self-Portraits
1967–2005 Photo: Gene Pittman


Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker ONCE
Photo: Gerard Uferas

Bea de Visser Second Memory
(2004) Women with Vision

James Dayton The Creative Company
Drawn Here: Contemporary Design
in Conversation Photo: James
Dayton Design

Heiki Ernits Concert for a Carrot Pie
(2002) Free First Saturday

Sam Durant Installation view
of Direction through Indirection
(Bronze Version) (2003) in the
exhibition OPEN-ENDED (the art of
engagement) Photo: Gene Pittman

Howard French Lecture on China and
the West Photo: Gene Pittman

Lucio Fontana Concetto Spaziale–
Attesa (Spatial Concept–Expectation)

1964–1965 T. B. Walker Acquisition
Fund, 1998 In the exhibition
The Shape of Time

Peter Fischli and David Weiss Büsi
(Kitty) 2001 (detail) Clinton and
Della Walker Acquisition Fund, 2001
In the exhibition Shadowland: An
Exhibition as a Film

Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing
The Boys of Baraka (2005)
Women with Vision

Marcelos Gomes Cinema, Aspirins
and Vultures (Cinema, aspirinas e
(2004) Global Lens

Robert Gober Installation view
of Untitled Door and Door Frame
(1987–1988) in the exhibition Quartet:
Barney, Gober, Levine, Walker
Photo: Gene Pittman

Julián Hernández Broken Sky (El
cielo dividio)
(2005) Queer Takes

Richard Hell Free Verse
Photo: Cameron Wittig


Jenny Holzer Selections from
The Living Series (1989) in the
Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Japanther Don’t Trust Anyone
Over Thirty
Photo: Gene Pittman

Kassys Kommer Out There 18
Photo courtesy MultiArts Projects
and Productions

Ellsworth Kelly Installation view of
Red, Yellow, Blue III
(1966) in the
exhibition Elemental
Chip Kidd Cover for Kenzo Kitakata’s
Ashes Insights

Jon Langford Photo: Gene Pittman

Charlie Lazor Installation view of
FlatPak (2005) in the exhibition Some
Assembly Required: Contemporary
Prefabricated Houses

Photo: Gene Pittman

Sharon Lockhart Installation view
of the exhibition Sharon Lockhart:
Pine Flat
Photo: Cameron Wittig

Ang Lee Brokeback Mountain
Regis Dialogue Photo: Kimberley
French ©2005 Focus Features

Ralph Lemon A participant in the
artist’s residency in conjunction with the
exhibition OPEN-ENDED (the art of
Photo: Cameron Wittig